Sunday, August 28, 2011

♥~ Shemergency Survival Kit Review ~♥

Ever been on a date and had a mishap, like a broken nail, dinner breath, a smudge on your fave shoes, forgot to put on deodorant, started that monthly gift from mother nature, or even spilt ketchup on your blouse? I have the best product for you! A Shemergency Survival Kit from

This cute little kit is perfect for on the go, and fits nice in your glovebox. And is there for alot of emergencys you may encounter. I got to review this kit, and it was simply wonderful! I took it with me on my trip to Lake City, and it came in handy for several different emergencys that came along my way. I had a pretty messed up day, got to the fast-food resturant, it was raining, tried to run inside, slip and fell scrapped my knee, my hair was all wet, and to top it off, I spilled ketchup on my shirt. I was an accident waiting to happen!! Thank goodness to my Shemergency Survival Kit!! I took the purse to the bathroom, and brushed my hair, and sprayed it with hair spray, took a facial tissue wiped my running mascara off from under my eyes, doctored up my boo-boo on my knee, and used the stain remover towelette to get the ketchup off my shirt. That little bag was a life saver!

The Shemergency Survival Kit comes with alot of great products:
♥~ A folding mirror/brush
♥~ Hair Spray
♥~ Lint Remover
♥~ Static Remover Spray
♥~ Breath Freshner
♥~ Nail Clippers
♥~ Emery Board
♥~ Clear Nail Polish
♥~ Tampon
♥~ 2x Hand/body Lotion
♥~ 2x Lip balm
♥~ Lip Stick Sample
♥~ 2x Dental Floss
♥~ Mending Kit
♥~ 2x Earring Backs
♥~ Saftey pin
♥~ 5x Bandaids
♥~ Facial tissues
♥~ Double-sided tape
♥~ Blotting tissue
♥~ 2x Deodorant towelettes
♥~ 2x Nail polish Remover pads
♥~ 2x Stain Remover towelettes
♥~ 2x Shoeshine towelettes
♥~ 2x Hand Santizing towelettes
♥~ Advil

And all this fits into a portable purse. Which is really cute, the inside is smooth plastic, and the outter covering is a metal mesh, similar to a window screen feel.

Every car glove box needs a Shemergency Survival Kit. I totally recommend this great product!!

What are shemergencies?
They're the beauty blunders, fashion faux pas, and personal care predicaments that keep women from looking and feeling their best. Say so long to minor mishaps with the Shemergency Survival Kit! This portable, silver mesh case comes packed with 24 compact solutions for life's little emergencies.
As seen on Rachael Ray!
From daytime to playtime, the Shemergency Survival Kit is first-aid for gals on the go!

Kit measures approximately 6"W x 5"H x 2"D.

**Took from the goodtobeyou website.**

You can find this great Shemergency Survival Kit at for $25.00

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*Disclaimer - Goodtobeyou provided me with a Shemergency Survival Kit for review purposes. In no way did this alter my opinion of their products. All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true, your opinion my differ.*


Mizzreviewlady said...

I totally need one of these for myself! It has basically everything I need in it.

Kristen said...

What a cool thing to have in your car or purse. I love it!

The Frugal Bug said...

Wow..this is nifty! I likey. That's a lot of stuff in that little bag. I'm following you back!