Monday, August 22, 2011

Tommee Tippee new launch "The Day Baby Was Born"

Tommee Tippee launched a new feature The Day Baby Was Born. Its a new webpage to help cature your baby's begining of life.

Whats better than being pregnant? Keeping up with those special moments with "The Day Baby Was Born".

Tommee Tippees new page The Day Baby Was Born, has alot of great features, such as: Pregnancy announcement, Pregnancy journal, Birth announcement, News&Facts, Your personal story, A letter to baby, Photos, and You can even download and share your pregnancy pre-labor, and post labor experiences.

*Pregnancy announcement allows you to share your pregnancy with your family and friends on Facebook.
*Pregnancy journal allows you to write about your personal experience. Each week you can update your story book, maybe you had a crazy craving, you can write about it and years to come you can show it to your child when he/she gets older.
*Birth announcement allows you to share with your family and friends on
Facebook about the birth of your little angel, and the best thing, your journal will save all your comments from your Facebook, and store them in your journal.
*News & Facts is a wonderful feature, it allows you to choose which event had happened on your childs first day of life. You can choose which events you would like to add to your story book.
*Personal journal is also a wonderful feature, you can write a story about the birth of your baby, and keep up with those small details, you might forget in the years to come. Even other family members can add to their side of the story to your book.
*A letter to baby, is a fun feature to allow you to write him/her a letter after she/he is born. You can express all the emotions you felt when your baby came into this world.
*Photos allows you to upload your sonogram pictures, birth pictures, or any other pictures you would like to save, and the best part, you can choose which picture you would like for each story chapter.
*Download and share would be a great way to show friends and family your great new adventure into mommyhood.

I really enjoyed this journal, and wish i could have saved all those little precious moments with my kids.

Dont let your precious memroies pass you by! I wish I could have wrote down all my weekly stages, and the food I craved, and how the Dr.'s app. went. Then I could have showed them how much of a trouble maker wonderful kid each of them were ;) (lol).

Thanks to Tommee Tippee you can sign up for free at The Day Baby Was Born.

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Kathy said...

I love this idea!! It makes me want to do it all over again!!! (but 3 kids is my limit!! lol!) I love the idea of annoucements and journal keeping to remember such a great time in my life and one that goes by so quickly!!

Kathy - visiting from VB and memebers to remember!

Dayna Musto said...

This is a wonderful page - thanks for sharing it and good luck. I'm visiting from VB members to remember. Have a wonderful day.


Laura@Catharsis said...

You know, I wish I'd have done something like this. I still don't think it's too late. Although, in response to the statement, "What's better than being pregnant?", I'd have to say, EVERYTHING. Pregnancy and I don't get along.

Visiting you from vB :)

Mizzreviewlady said...

My Children just love Tommee Tippee Sippy Cups!