Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Congrats to all the Winners! And a special THANKS to all who has entered my Giveaways! We will be having more great giveaways coming up, so stay tuned and the next lucky winner could be YOU!!

Recent Winners:

Clean It Supply 9 Winners total!!
Libman 2 Bush Set:
1.Jennifer Y
2.Mandy H
3.Mike D
Libman Plunger and Caddy:
1.Sandy V
2.Marlene B
3.Pamela H
Libman Toilet Bowl Brush and Caddy Set:
1.Karla S
2.Carolyn C
3.Courtney T
Modern Outfitters: Virginia R

The Wiggles DVD: Nancy D

Smart Silk: Stacey D

$25 Winn-Dixie Gift Card: Crave To Save

Mohawk Rug: Rejina Y

My Crystal Dream:
Mizz Revuiew: Janet F
J's Reviews: Sandy V.

CleanItSupply Finish Giveaway 3 winners
1. Mary Beth E.
2. Annmarie W.
3. Debbie J.

Twinkle Toes DVD: Raina D.

Thomas The Train Patio Set: Jennifer Y

Dino Dan DVD: DC J.

Side Kix: Kasee J.J.

Babba Box: Darlene O

Crayola Prize Pack: Jamie B

Ripley's Believe it or Not RBI Book Collection: Sue H

Harry Hiccers Plush and Book Set: Lily K

Own The Moments DVD: Sam S

Water Blocks Giveaway: Rochel R-S.

Balance Bars S'mores Prize Pack: Jenny Sims

Kimochis: Kelly Ann T

Babar DVD Season 1: Sandy V.

Say Hello Diamond Earrings: Kendall S

Del Mar Fans: Deborah T.

Boobzie: Sandy V

Frontier Outfitters Painted Pony Purse: Daisy

Sid Back Yard DVD Giveaway: Deborah T

Genesis Code DVD *2WINNERS*
1. Jessie C.
2.Ellen L.

MyBabyClothes $25 Gift Card: Alicia S.

Busy Mama Giveaway: Rachel S.

Green Toys Pink Dump Truck: Dana B

Conscious July Box: Kendall S.

Gourmet Gift Baskets: Deborah T

BeginAgain Toys Kickin Putt: Jennifer Y.

HBL Hair Care: Beth H.

Nature Sleep Slippers: Christine J.

Journey 2 DVD: Syliva S

Uncommon Good $50 Gift Card: Olivia R

$10 Paypal Giveaway: Sandy V

Kerusso: Yolanda R

Udderly Smooth Prize Pack: Christine J

Baby Harmony Gift Basket: Sarah R.

Hanging Flowerball : Yolanda R

Yo Gabba Gabba Prize Pack: Jennifer Y.

Ezistock $50 Gift Card: Beth H.

Socks4Life $30 Gift Card: Brittany C.

$25 Publix Card: Mary E.

Pillsbury Prize Pack: Louis U.

New Years Eve DVD: Kristin S

Gorton's Coupons *3 Winners*:
1. Kimberly b
2. Tim L.
3. Thuy Vu

Rubbermaid Hidden Recycler: Beth H.

Discoveroo Patisserie Set: Ashlee

Big G Prize Pack: Lana B

Zipz Shoes: Sandy V.

Chenese Style: Julie L

Funny Mens T-Shirt: Anne N

FunBites LuvIt: Tara M.

Fogless Mirror: Tim L.
Arnicare Gel: Amy W

Terracycle: Donna G

Pet Cakes: Rochel R

Urban Walls: Amanda R

Lolly Underwear: Alicia Z

Butt Bench: April G

Ozeri Bath Scale: Amanda R

GreenTime Bags: Donna G

NCircle Promtional BlockBuster Rental Codes*5Winners*
1.Sus L
2.Deidra B
3.Amy O
4.Jenna M
5.Toni O
6.Lindsay S

Gazillion Bubble Cannon: Laura J

ATM Machine Bank: Trixx

The Woodcarver DVD: Sandy V

Conserving Now: Jackie G 
Sunglass Warehouse: Danielle G

Stackeroo: *2 Winners*
1- Darlene O
2- Josh
Trix Prize Pack: Eileen B

Eat Smart Luggage Scale: Donna G

SendaFlyingCard: Deborah T

Fairy Dancing DVD: Lisa L

1 Bag at a Time: Amy G,  Jodi F

ISeeMe! Personalized Book: Amy W

Olasonic Speakers: *2 Winners*
2-Sandy V

$25 Publix Card: Mary

Harvey Prince: Jodi F

AppleBees Gift Card: Allison D

Souper You Prize Pack: Lawna

Ocaen Spray Prize Pack: *4 Winners*
1- Liz N
2- Kristin S
3- Janet F
4- Nicolle B

Mile In His Shoes DVD:  Wendy R

Frosted Toast Crunch Prize Pack: Young Couponer

* You can find the link to this on my right side bar, by clicking the winners button*


Stacy said...

Following from the Blog it Forward Tuesday Blog Hop! Hope you'll visit http://www.stacyssavings.com!

Danielle S said...

Thanks, Jenni! The new sunglasses are great!

Unknown said...

Thank you Jenni for the Ripley's Believe It Or Not books giveaway! I got them and they're awesome!