Thursday, October 27, 2011

Trick or Treat Halloween Giveaway Hop: $25 NanoStyle Gift Certificate*CLOSED*

Trick-or-Treat Hop

Welcome to the Trick or Treat Halloween Hop hosted by Tales From the Nursery, Formula Mom, and Mama on a Green Misson, where you will go trick-or-treating virtually at each blog for a chance to win some totally ghoul prizes. Will they have tricks or will they have treats? You must click through the linky to find out!

Campus Book Rentals teams up with Operation Smile

I have an awesome post for you! Are you in college? Or do you know some one who is? Campus Book Rentals has you covered! Why pay full price for your college books, when you can pay half price or more! With Campus Book Rentals, you can easily rent text books at the comfort of your home or office. They offer new or gently used text books for half the price you would find in your colleges book store.  I know college is expensive, so save 40-90% by renting text books. Campus Book Rentals has free shipping both ways, 30 day risk-free returns and have flexible renting periods. I know sometimes you need to highlight important information, No Problem! They allow you to highlight in their books without being penalized! How cool is that?? Campus Book Rentals also buys your college books. Just simply follow their steps and your on your way, perfect for going green, and getting a few bucks for more college books, or what ever else you need money for.

♥~ PopFunk Review: Betty Boop Shirt ~♥

PopFunk is an online T-Shirt store, a T-Shirt for every taste. They have over 1,000 different shirts whether it’s your favorite movie, TV show, musical artist, pop icon, or classic brand, they truly have a t-shirt for your every taste. They have shirts for Men, Women, Kids, and Babies, so you will find the perfect shirt for you or your loved one. PopFunk also has many different themed shirts like SupermanBatmanBetty BoopGarfield, Tootsie Roll and a lot more. They great thing about PopFunk is that their shirts are always in stock and ready to ship!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Trick or Treat Halloween Hop: NanoStyle Review (Giveaway Oct 28th-Nov 2nd)

NanoStyle is a unique online jewelry store, that has an exquisite line of Cubic Zirconia and Onyx jewelry. They are the only jewelry store to engrave 24 karat gold on semi precious stones. NanoStyle's pendants collections interconnect with faiths and beliefs through the power of adornment and within each category, you will find that special pendant made for you or a loved one. They have Tokens of Love pendants, Christianity pendants, Zodiac pendants, Universal pendants, Judaism pendants, and New Age pendants, each set in Silver, Top Gold, or 14K Gold.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Saturday, October 22, 2011

♥~ Sabre Pepper Spray Review and Giveaway~♥

With the world today, its really not safe to leave your home. But with Sabre you can arrest assure your worries. Their products are guaranteed to make a grown man cry, since 1975. Their mission is to provide the safest and most effective personal safety sprays. Sabre has a vast selection of defence sprays, and stun guns, to keep you or a loved one safe. Why choose Sabre you ask? Performance of course! For over 35 years, Sabre's delivered the best. Even Law enforcement agencies worldwide choose Sabre for their officers.

♥~ Winnie the Pooh Blu-ray/DVD Giveaway ~♥

Winnie The Pooh

Return to the Hundred Acre Wood, for the latest adventure featuring the world’s beloved bear, Winnie The Pooh! Join Pooh, Tigger, Rabbit, Christopher Robin, Owl, Kanga, Piglet, Eeyore, and all of the classic characters you know and love when Walt Disney Pictures releases Winnie
The Pooh on DVD and Blu-Ray October 25, 2011!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

♥~ Easy PlayHouse Review, Giveaway and Coupon Code ~♥

I have a great product to introduce you to, Easy Playhouse. With Christmas coming up, this would be a great gift for any child! We all know kids have a great imagination, and with the Easy Playhouse, their imagination can come to life. The playhouse starts off with a blank canvas, for your child(ren) to use their imagination to create their own style. This is also great for birthdays, parties, holidays, and school projects.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

♥~ Let Them Eat Cake Pops Review and Giveaway ~♥


Having a celebration or an occasion coming up? Birthday parties, Halloween Parties, or Christmas Parties? I have an awesome treat that will definitely having your party guest talking long after your party! Let me introduce you to Let Them Eat Cake Pops.

Let Them Eat Cake Pops is created by a lovely, sweet lady named Tiffany, she started out by making them for fun, she practiced, giving them away, while developing more and more recipes. She was hooked, and started up her wonderful business Let Them Eat Cake Pops. Their Cake Pops are all made from scratch with the best ingredients. They are all hand made, and made to order, which makes them fresh, and delicious! And to make things a lot better, they are a nut-free facility, and offer gluten free, and dairy free options.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

♥~ Epsom Salt Review and Giveaway ~♥

What if I told you one simple product could do amazing things? Like exfoliate, relax muscles, facials, treat poison ivy, treat bee stings and mosquito bites, Help with lawn care, shrubs, and roses? Let me introduce you to Epsom Salt. I never knew Epsom Salt could do so many awesome things! Its great for Beauty, Gardening, and Health. Thats amazing! Plus all the things you can use this product on can save you a ton of $$$, and I love to SAVE $$$!!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

♥~ TruKid Review and Giveaway (3 Winners!) ~♥

TruKids is an all natural line of children products. Their biodegradable formulas have been specifically designed to protect, moisturize, and nourish children's sensitive skin. Trukids philosophy is to create a sustainable future for our children by teaching them to care for themselves, each other, and the environment, for an all around healthy life style. Their line of products are natural, non-toxic and safe for kids, and are always free of Parabens, Phthalates, Gluten, BPA, SLS, and 1-4 Dioxzane. TruKids has made a list of Toxic Bad Guys, to help raise awareness in parents and kids about the potentially harmful ingredients commonly found in personal care products.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Sunday, October 9, 2011

♥~ KangaRing Review and Giveaway ~♥

Have a teenage driver that loves to text or talk on the cell phone while driving? Or do you lose your cell and have a hard time trying to locate it while your driving? Let me introduce you to KangaRing. Their KangaRings are designed to park your cell phone while you drive, and helps protect it from everyday wear. So no more worring about being distracted behind the wheel of your car!

♥~ Smiley Cookie Review ~♥

Looking for an awesome birthday present, congratulation gifts, or to bring a smile to a loved ones face? What about a get well, or thank you gift? Let me introduce you to Smiley Cookies, its the perfect stop shop for gifts. This online sugar cookie store has a great selection of sugar cookie gifts, all marked with a BIG smiley, to put a BIG smiley face on your loved one! They also have a create your own cookie section to give your gift an extra special touch. You can choose form hearts, flowers, stars, or their signature round smiley, and get to pick the background color of the face and the color of the smile. *Smiley Cookies are a nut free facility.*

Friday, October 7, 2011

♥~ Opening the Gates of the Heart: A Journey of Healing Review and Giveaway ~♥

I got a chance to review a wonderful book by Carolyn CJ Jones called: Opening the Gates of the Heart ~ A Journey of Healing. And let me tell you, This book is very beautifully written and very beautifully illustrated with her AMAZING photographs.

♥~ Organize World: 4 Section Laundry Hamper Review ~♥

Kids can sometimes make us a little unorganized, I found the perfect solution for all your unorganized things. Organize World has a great selection of wonderful organizers suited for your needs! Want to get your bedroom closet organized? Not a problem with their awesome Closet Organizers, or have a messy office or desk? Office Organizers, has you covered! You can get that messy desk drawer organized, or finally see the top of your desk with their Mesh Stack Letter Tray. They also have great Bathroon Organizers and Kitchen Organizers, these are just a few samples of products Orgainze World offers.

Having children can really rack up on the laundry, and every where I looked I had piles and piles of laundry. I needed something to help sort, and organize all my clothes, and I found it in The 4 section Laundry Hamper. This hamper has it all, sections for organizing your colors from whites, and even keeps your towels and linens seperate. The other helpful feature it offers, is their easy to move wheel system. You can roll it from your bathroom straight to your laundry room without lifting a heavy clothes basket or multipule trips to carry all your laundry baskets. It also has easy to remove sections, if you have a full load of colors ready you can simply remove that section and carry it to your laundry room.

The fast delivery was sensational, and I was eager to dig into the box. Upon opening the box, I seen alot of pieces, and I was thinking OHH goodness lol. After laying all the pieces out I realized I didnt need any tools, and the easy-to-read directions made it simple to put the hamper together.

BUY IT!: You can purchase this 4 Section Laundry Hamper for $49.49 on their website.

You can also connect with them on Facebook! They have wonderful coupons and discounts, Give them a "LIKE" today and keep up to date.

Let Organize World be your home organizer store. We provide bill organizers, shoe organizers, kitchen cabinet organizers, scrapbooking furniture, kitchen drawer organizers, to free standing closets. At Organize World you will also find organizing tips & organizing articles to help get yourself organized. Browse through our home organizational products and storage solutions to find organizers for every area of your home. is owned and operated by Bellissima Holdings, LLC and the distribution facility is located in Citrus Heights, CA. has been in operation since February of 2009.

Offering thousands of home organizer products to organize every room of the home, including the office, garage, laundry room, and backyard, strives to present a large quality selection while maintaining exceptional customer service.

*Taken from the Organize World website*

Bonus Word: Laundry

*Disclaimer - I received the said product for the review. In no way did this alter my opinion. All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true, your opinion may differ.*

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tips for keeping your family cold and flu free

With school and day care, that nasty flu bug is out of control. Always showing up when you lease except it. And the germs that children carry home spreads everywhere. I have a few tips to share with you to keep your family and children safe for flu time season.