Thursday, October 27, 2011

Campus Book Rentals teams up with Operation Smile

I have an awesome post for you! Are you in college? Or do you know some one who is? Campus Book Rentals has you covered! Why pay full price for your college books, when you can pay half price or more! With Campus Book Rentals, you can easily rent text books at the comfort of your home or office. They offer new or gently used text books for half the price you would find in your colleges book store.  I know college is expensive, so save 40-90% by renting text books. Campus Book Rentals has free shipping both ways, 30 day risk-free returns and have flexible renting periods. I know sometimes you need to highlight important information, No Problem! They allow you to highlight in their books without being penalized! How cool is that?? Campus Book Rentals also buys your college books. Just simply follow their steps and your on your way, perfect for going green, and getting a few bucks for more college books, or what ever else you need money for.

I really would love to point out that Campus Book Rentals have teamed up with Operation Smile! Operation Smile is an organization to help children get life changing surgeys all across the world for familys who can't afford it. Campus Book Rentals announced how excited they are for their 2011 Making A Difference Program. Every text book rented they will donate a portion of procceds to Operation Smile. So not only are you getting a really great deal by renting, your helping a child get an operation to fix a cleft lip. There goal is to meet or exceed and save over 1,000 life changing surgerys.  

To learn more visit their website You can also connect with them on Facebook and on Twitter. They have great monthly giveaways, textbook scholarships, shirts and other prizes, and you dont have to be a paying customer to win!! Right now if you like their Facebook page, you will be entered to win  $100.00 bucks cash! How awesome is that??!! Check them out today and start saving! No more worries about expensive costs, so you can focus on what really matters, Your EDUCATION!


I. Marie said...

This site would be perfect for my nephew that will be starting college soon! Thanks for posting this. I will have to write down the link so I can give it to him:)

Marsha C said...

Sounds like a great program.
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