Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tips for keeping your family cold and flu free

With school and day care, that nasty flu bug is out of control. Always showing up when you lease except it. And the germs that children carry home spreads everywhere. I have a few tips to share with you to keep your family and children safe for flu time season.

I think its important to teach children the importance of healthy ways in the home and in public. One of them being wash your hands after using the potty before they eat, and after a long day at play . The second is to cover your mouth when sneezing or caughing, third would be use lots of hand santizier in public.

I teached my children to wash their hands after using the potty, before they eat, and after a long day at play to stop germs from spreading. I made a song and game up to help them wash. They love me singing to them, and by making it into a game they are more willing to wash their hands. I use a chart for potty training, and have a space for handwashing, and they love getting a star by their name. I explained the importance of handwashing, even though they are still a lil young to know the extent of germs, they do know they are bad.

( Our song: Wash, wash, wash your hands, Scrub, scrub, scrub, scrub....Wash em' up and down and inbetween, gotta get those fingers clean! Rinse, rinse, rinse those hands, wave bye bye to those yucky germs.)

I also just started teaching the girls to cover their mouth when sneezing and coughing. This may sound funny, but I used the technique of playing catch. I also made this into a game, since children love to play games. Everytime they sneezed or cough I tell them to catch the germs and throw them in the sink, and wash them away. Its work really well so far, they do miss a few catches, but I chalk that up to them being one and two. But by starting young, they will grow into the whole concept of covering their mouth.

Hand santizier is a BIG thing around here, I use it all the time. I like to apply it about every two hours, more in public. Since children love to play on the equipment at Dr. offices, and touch every thing at the super market, I always carry a bottle in my purse. My kids love doing what mommy does, so this was a wonderful thing that my kids just like doing. I didnt have to make up a silly game for this one lol! And before entering most grocery stores they have a place by the shopping carts with hand santizier wipes to wipe down your cart, I would recommend grabbing one and wiping down the handles of the shopping cart. Or if your store doesnt carry them, you can always get a little wipe refill that holds about 10 wipes in the baby section of your local supercenter, and add your own lysol wipes to carry with you on your shopping trips.

I have a few more tips to keep your house free of germs also. First is by taking off your shoes at the door. Pollen, dust, dirt , germs and dander are easliy picked up by shoes. By leaving them at the door, you are less likely to spread them through your house. Second tip I would give is to use lysol and wipe down kids toys once every two weeks to a month. By doing this it also kills 99% of germs. And what do children love to do the most?? Thats right! They love to see how many toys they can chew on, lick, and stick in their mouth. My girls loves to see which toy taste the best it seems like. I am always seeing them with something other than food or a sippy cup in their mouth. So Im consintley wiping down toys with lysol wipes with bleach.

I would love to know if you have any wonderful tips you would like to share! How do you keep your family safe from the flu?

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Mommy LaDy Club said...

These are great tips...thank you. I think many adults need these too though. I run into plenty of women in public bathrooms, who walk away without washing their hands. It's such a gross out!

Thanks for coming by Mommy LaDy Club:)

lisa said...

Awesome tips! It's so hard with kids to keep the family healthy...especially once they start school. I try my best but no matter what she still brings colds home. Yuck!


Jenny said...

Great tips. Thank you! Our number one way to stay healthy is to wash our hands.

Christine said...

Hi! Thanks for the tips. I really don't want to get sick this year! I'm following you back from the blog hop and I also liked you on FB. Have a great weekend! -Christine at Why We Love Green,

royalegacy said...

Washing your hands and keeping them clean is the most important way to keep healthy. When using a public restroom, I do take an extra bit of paper towel and open the door to go out with it. Here is California, it is especially wise to do this since our South of the Border people here do not believe in flushing their toilet paper or washing their hands.

Kecia said...

These are great tips. I really like how you have turned things into games and added songs...I'm sure it makes it much more enjoyable for your kids to stay germ free!