Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Healthy Steps: Review

Need to lose weight or managing to eat healthy? Let me tell you about Healthy Steps, they have a huge selection of convenient kitchen tools to help you control what you eat, and to help you lose those extra pounds.

Over the past 30 years Jokari has developed a proven line of products for the home, and has taken great pride in being the leader in the design of innovative products to consumers around the world. They always have one goal in mind....providing practical and simple household solutions that ultimately makes life a lot easier. Jokari's latest line of products is Healthy Steps that helps consumers eat healthy by providing tools that assist in portion control without the hassle of weighting foods and counting calories, while encouraging the consumption of healthy recipes. They are constantly experimenting with new and different products to meet the changing needs of the marketplace.

I was excited to try out a few of their awesome kitchen products, and was very pleased in each of  their performances. I got to try out the Pasta Basket, Herb Pro, Cheese Grater, Serving Ladle, Dressing Lid, and the Dressing Cruet.

Herb Pro:
The Healthy Steps Multi-Use Herb Pro is a mincer, stripper, and pair of herb scissors, all in one! I really enjoyed having fresh herbs and chives in my foods. The Herb Pro, easily cut my herbs with little effort. I loved how I can just roll the blade on the herbs or I could use the herb scissors. The rolling blade is covered by the blade protector, which is located at the top of the Herb Pro. The stripper and scissors is located in the handle part of the Herb Pro, and has a safety lock feature to keep it secure while your not using the scissors. Either way I use it, it fits nicely in my hand, and cuts really great. . So, get away from the traditional butter and salt flavors and spice up your foods the healthy way, with fresh herbs.

 As you may know salads are great for a healthy diet, but getting carried away with your dressing may defeat the purpose of eating healthy. But with the Healthy Steps Dressing Lid, you wont have to worry anymore. It measures out a perfect serving every time. I really love how it fit on my salad dressing container, it also fits well on my Kens dressing, and even Great Value brand bottles. You just squeeze slightly and the dressing goes up in the attached cup. Give your salad dressing a squeeze and you'll deliver a perfect 2 TBSP portion into the top serving chamber.

Cheese Grater:
Adding cheese to your favorite meal like salads or chili and be healthy, but adding to much can be harmful to your weight. With Healthy Steps Cheese Grater, you wont have to worry about adding to much cheese to your favorite foods. It measures out 1 or 2 servings of cheese with ease. My favorite part is that it catches the shredded cheese in its designed clear container, and you can see how much you measured!
Pasta Basket:
Pasta is my biggest weakness! I normally just throw the whole box in the pot and cook it all at one time. Now that I want to eat right and healthy, I can with Healthy Steps Pasta Basket! This neat basket measures one serving of pasta and it also has one serving for your spaghetti noodles or other long noodles right on the handle. The best part is you can attach it to your pot and boil your pasta right in the basket and when finished, just lift it up and drain the water. Another great feature I love about the Pasta Basket, it folds up for easy storage, it doesn't take up much room at all!

Dressing Cruet:
I love homemade Dressing recipes, specially Italian Dressing, and with the Healthy Steps Dressing Cruet, I can still enjoy my homemade dressings while measuring out a single serving for my salads. Its much like its sister product Dressing Lid, but has more functions. It comes with a measuring bottle with an emulsifier to help mix up your ingredients, and 1 serving cup with easy pour for 2 TBSP of dressing with an easy to move lid. I love how it has some useful dressing recipes on the side of the measuring bottle!
Serving Ladle:
Most everyone I know loves gravy on their biscuits and mashed potatoes, and we all love soup, but 9 out 10 times i drown my foods in unnecessary gravy. Not only is that unhealthy, it puts excess calories in our diets. With the Healthy Steps Serving Ladle, you can get one serving of gravy, sauce, or soup and no one will know your measuring with its portion sizes tucked away inside the ladle. I really liked the Serving Ladle, and how well it measures my gravy, I didn't have too much or not enough, but just the right amount. You can use this with food right on the stove or a dinner setting. This is a great product to have specially around the holiday times.

I'm very pleased with all the Healthy Steps products I tested, and truely recommend these for your kitchen, and will be a great healthy way of eating with the up-coming holiday season. I also love how each product has a different healthy recipe on the back of the packaging, each goes with the specially designed product. Like the Pasta Basket has Mozzarella Pasta recipe, to use with your Pasta Basket. Really cool! Mostof their products are top-rack dishwasher safe, like the Serving Ladle, Pasta Basket,  Dressing Cruet, and the Dressing Lid. Which is a big plus if your a busy mom like myself.

To learn more visit Healthy Steps website. You can connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and visit them on their Blog.

Buy It: You can purchase any of the items I mention on or buy visiting their websites Where To Buy Tab.

*Disclaimer - I received the said products for the review purposes. In no way did this alter my opinion. All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true, your opinion may differ.*


Mizzreviewlady said...

That Dressing lid seems like it would come in very useful in my household! Sounds like a great company, I am going to go check them out right now!

royalegacy said...

Wow! These are great and handy kitchen gadgets. Thanks for the review.

Robin O said...

Looks like great stuff! I would love to get the Dressing Cruet and Serving Ladle. Thanks for the review!