Friday, November 18, 2011

♥~Scandle Body Candle Review~♥

Love massages, but hate that cold lotion when it first hits your back? Let me introduce you to an awesome product called Scandle Body Candle. Scandle Body Candle is a soy based candle that burns 2 degrees above the body temperature for a warm massage oil. The Scandle Body Candle can be used as an everyday moisturizer, mani/pedi's, cuticle treatments, and body massages.

I got to try the Calming Blend Scandle, and I LOVE it! The Calming Blend Scandle Candle is French lavender essential oil, it is really calming and a very pleasant. So I decided to run a warm relaxing bubble bath, and I lit the candle and placed it on the side of my tub. It was so relaxing to sit back and smell the beautiful aroma of the Scandle Candle. I let it burn for about 40 minutes the whole length of my relaxing bath. After I got out, I extinguished the flame, and I used a cut straw to place over the wick, so I wouldn't get the soot in my candle's oil. I started off with a little bit of oil and rubbed in on my dry elbows, the oil didn't clump up, it went on well, and really moisturized them and made my elbows really soft. So I was thinking if it worked that great on my elbows it should work great on my achy dry feet. I was amazed!! I love how it felt while rubbing the warm oil onto my feet and how well the dry parts of my heels were instantly moistened. This candle is perfect! A great way of feeling like your at a spa, while in the comfort of your own home.

With Christmas coming up, these would make a great stocking stuffer or be perfect in a home-made spa gift basket. Scandle also has more great products like totes, Sea Salt Scrub, and a Scandle Lamp to help savor your candles burn time, and have lotion all day long!! Check ouy Scandle today!!

When burning your Scandle, please keep in mind the following:
♥~ Trim the wick each time before burning.
♥~ Burn your Scandle for about 30 minutes (until it melts and reaches the edge of the canister) to ensure an even burn each time.
♥~ Do not burn in a draft (i.e. near heater/AC vent or window) as this may cause smoking.
♥~ Be sure to extinguish flame and use small amounts of oil when applying to the skin.
♥~ The Scandle will re-solidify naturally once candle cools.

To learn more visit Scandle Candle's website. You can also connect with them on FacebookTwitter and on Youtube, for up to date info, deals and promotions.
Buy It: You can purchase the Scandle Candle 4oz can for $12.95 on their website. Or you can find a Retailer near you.

*Disclaimer - Scandle provided me with an item free of charge for review purposes. In no way did this alter my opinion of their products. All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true, your opinion may differ.*


Mizzreviewlady said...

The calming blend does sound nice but i would love to try the Autumn Harvest. Great idea, I will have to try it out on my feet!

royalegacy said...

I've seen a lot of this on other blogs. It looks like it would be a nice soothing warm lotion--especially on a cold day.