Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Crowdtap Party: A Smurftastic Party

I had the opportunity to throw a Smurftastic party, and all the Moms, Dads, and children had a huge blast!

I had started out by decorating the the kitchen in everything blue, blue tablecloth, blue balloons, blue "Smurf juice" blue cupcakes with little smurfs on top, made by Walmart-(Thanks Walmart). As the party started off, I really wanted to rent the Smurfs Movie, but every redbox I went to they were all out. So I had to dig in the attic for some good ole' cartoon VHS I had as a child.

When the guest arrived, I had the Smurf cartoons playing, and immediately they were drawn to the TV. After the cartoon was over I invited everyone in the "FUN ROOM" where everything was blue and white. The Children got a few sheets of the provided coloring pages, and began to color. While they were busy, the moms and myself, cut out the glasses, and got all the fun things ready, we cleared the table, and started putting out the glitter, glue sticks, jewels and feathers. They had sooo much fun decorating their glasses. Kids these days are very creative, not only was this an exciting party, they also was able to be use their creative skills. After they got done with their glasses, and while the dried, we painted each kids face with with blue makeup paint, and then the decorated their balloons into their favorite smurf.

I moved the PC into my dining room, so they could watch the Smurf Movie Clips, they laughed and laughed, their mothers and fathers were so surprised to see their kids having such a good time, they told me "Santa" will be buying them the DVD movie. We has SO much fun and I would LOVE to throw another great party one day soon!!

Hopefully my camera wouldn't be broke, my girls thinks its funny to run off with Mommy's things. Maybe as soon as I find my missing memory card, I can show you all the fun things we did!!


Mary T said...

Sounds like you had a good time. I am a Crowdtapper too, but have never been offered a party. Maybe soon my luck will change!

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Iam also a part of crowd-tap too and never have been offered a party either. oh well maybe some does sound like you had a fun time.
The smurfs have really changed since i watched them.

royalegacy said...

My son was just watching the Smurfs yesterday. He loves them.