Sunday, December 4, 2011

Mega Bloks MommyParty (Pictures coming soon)

                                Mega Bloks MommyParty

I was excited to host a Mega Bloks MommyParty for my friend's children. When I first received the kit, I was really excited! I made homemade invites, by cutting out Mega Blok shapes from construction paper. It read:          Join Us for a MEGA FUN Time with Mega Bloks. 

When the party started, as the guest would come in, I would have them fill out the raffle registration, and directed the children in the living room. I had the Mega Bloks TubTown Farm set up and ready to play. The kids had a blast building towers, and buildings. I decided to play the Mega Fun Demolition Party, which is kinda like bowling, but much funner! I would have the kids build up a tower, in a specific color I chose, they would find the colors and build a tower. Then I gave them a medium sized ball, to gently roll and know down their tower. It was a huge hit, they kids loved the idea of knocking them down after building the towers.

After a fun time playing, I figured it would be fun to have a Mega tower snack. I used the cracker tower idea provided by Mega Bloks. I did change it up a little, I had different types of crackers, cheese, cookies, chips, and slices of deli meats, and had the children build a mega fun food tower.

After eating, and more fun time with the bloks, I handed out the Jungle Friends, and the Garden Friends. Before the party, I placed each of the book bags filled with bloks in a paper bag, since there was a lot of girls at the party and only 3 Garden Friends (pink), That way there was no fighting. Each child got to pick a Paper bag. They made some neat animals, like the Ziger, half tiger and zebra of course! And some had fun with the Garden Friends, making I guess you would call them lady bugs, with flower dots.

After wrapping up the party, I held the raffle giveaway, which they had no idea that was my plan when they first arrived. I threw all the entry forms in a hat and drew the lucky winner "Ms. Sylvia" won the raffle item, and as they left, I passed out my Mega Bloks coupons.

Over all the kids had a blast, and were very excited to have a gift to take home with them! I think this party was a huge success!

My thoughts on the party supplies:
I really enjoyed the activities sheets, it made the party a lot of fun by providing great ideas to share. The Mega Bloks Maxi Farm was really nice, all the bloks are durable, and came with alot of peices, enough for a few kids to build towers and trees, and the cute little farmer and horse was awesome! The Jungle Friends and Garden Friends bags were adorable, the kids really enjoyed creating different jungle and buggie friends. They each contained a good amount of bloks to create a couple different characters. The Mega Bloks Family registration forms were easy to read and understand, and didn't have any complaints about having to fill them out. Over all my kids and their friends had an awesome party they will remember for quite a while! I enjoyed hosting, and seeing all the smiles from the children made me the happiest!
Thanks so much MommyParties and Mega Bloks for allowing me to host a successful, Mega-Fun Party!

*Disclaimer-I was provided a Mega Bloks party kit to host my Mega Bloks MommyParty, In no way did this alter my opinion of the above items.  All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true, your opinion may differ.*

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these are great things for creativity and imagination!