Thursday, January 12, 2012

FreeScore: Free Credit Score

Looking online to find out your credit scores? Look no further! offers a free credit score  from all 3 credit bureaus, when you sign up for a free trail. The best part, when checking your credit information with FreeScore, your credit will NOT lower your credit scores.

When you become a member you will have access to 3 credit bureaus, 24/7 credit alerts, and educational information and tips on how to safeguard one's credit and identity.

3 Credit Bureaus:

24/7 credit alerts:
FreeScore watches for activity at all 3 credit bureaus, including new accounts opened in your name. You will be emailed, if any kind of changes are made to your score, even ones your unaware of.

Identity Theft:
With access to your credit information 24/7 can help quard against ID theft and fraud. If your credit is breached, they will provide you with direct restoration support and service.

Factors That Make Up A Credit Score Rating:

*35%: Your payment history.
*30%: The amount you currently owe.
*15%: The length of your credit history.
*10%: New credit lines.
*10%: Types of credit you use.

So what are you waiting for?.....
Check out your credit report today at

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Mizzreviewlady said...

I really need to check out my credit's been years since I checked it last. I really want to move out since it's almost tax time but not sure if my credit score is good enough.