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NCircle: Dino Dan in Dino Trackers DvD Review and Giveaway

Dan is a 10 year old boy who imagines there are real dinosaurs living all around him, that only he can see. His adventures take you to a new level of dinosaur hunting, and always has fun facts about dinosaurs. Do you know what makes Dino Dan series so unique? Its developed under the guidance of paleontologists at Canada's Royal Tyrrell Museum in Alberta, in fact, the inspiration of Dino Dan came from a real-life paleontologist at the museum, named Dr. Don Henderson.

Stories Include:
To Flee or Not to Flee
There's A Compsognathus Under My Bed
Dino Tracker

Totally Awesome Extras:
Are We There Yet?: World Adventure
Dino Dan Field Guide: Diplodocus
Dino Fact Finder: Stegosaurus

Run Time:
60 Minutes

My girls and I really enjoyed this Dino Dan DVD. It opens possibilities for kids to explore the unknown, and to use their imagination for creative play. Watching my girls running around pretending they are Dinosaurs is pretty interesting, lol, and I love it because they are using their imagination while learning new things. Before watching Dino Dan, I was thinking this is a boy DVD, I was wrong! Both boys and girls will love this DVD.

Dino Dan discovers a new dinosaur, and now he has to come up with an awesome name for the Dino.

3 ways to name a Dino:
1. Name the Dino after the person who found him.
2. Name the Dino after the place of discovery.
3. After one of the Dino's distinct feature.

To Flee or Not To Flee:
Stygimoloch -vs- T-Rex
Dino Experiment #116:
Will the Stygimoloch flee when faced with a T-Rex, or will he defend his self? Dino Dan has to do an experiment to find out.

There's a Compsognathus Under My Bed:
Dino Dan discovers a Compsognathus under his bed, with one of his moms missing shoes. Dino Dan goes on a search for the rest of his moms missing shoes by setting up a makeup trap to track the Dino's nest.

Dino Tracker:
Dino Dan and his little brother Trek goes on a special hunt to track down a Stegosaurus. Dino Dan uses his little brothers loudness to run out the Stegosaurus from hiding, so Dino Dan can get a picture of the Dino.

Dino Dan and his friend plays putt-putt golf, and a Compsognathus runs off with Dans lucky golf ball made to look like a Pterodactyl egg.

Awesome Facts:
Did you know?....
* A Brachiosaurs could live up to one hundred years and weighs 80 tons.
* A T-Rex could eat up to 500 pounds of meat in one bite..
* A Corythosaurus dinosaur had a large protective plate on top of its head.
* A Spinosaurs had bony rods on its back that held up a "sail" made of skin.

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Win It: Thanks to NCircle, one lucky reader will win a DVD copy of Dino Dan: Dino Trackers. Thanks so much NCircle!!


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It is a show for white kids only!