Sunday, January 22, 2012

Outright Online Accounting

Outright is an easy to use online accounting solution to make self-employed people and small businesses help with common accounting task. It helps them stay on top of taxes and shows how their business is doing at a quick glance.  Outright works with numerous web-based applications to help with invoicing, receipt tracking, contact management, and a lot more. The best part, you don't have to install anything on your computer!

There are several advantages to online accounting, for example: a small business who aren't large enough to employ full-time book keepers, CPA or other tax professionals, and self employed people. Here are a few unique features:

*Access from any computer* Business people normally use more than one computer like form home and office. This makes it more convenient to log into you account.

*Safer* Your information is stored in a secure network of servers, so no financial data would be stored on your computer, to help from hacking, accidental deletion of important files or computer theft.

*Easier to use* Outright offers easier and simplified interfaces that contains basic, commonly used features,

*Grows with your business* As your small business grows, you can easily add online products as needed. So you won't have to use the complex desktop software with software you will never have to use/

So, if your looking for a great way to keep up with managing all your important documents, is the place for you!

Organize Your Small Business Finances!

Outright offers a free 30-day trial for freelancers, online sellers, and any small typed businesses.
What are you waiting for? Try it FREE!

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royalegacy said...

This would be a great place for a small business to have their accounting done, that is if they have any income at all in this economy. Wait, they will need it to pay all the taxes on what little they are earning.