Friday, January 13, 2012

Zeiss Lenses

Did you know that glass can be more expensive that gold? Thats Why Zeiss  Lenses were created, to enable eyeglass wearers to better understand their vision correction needs, ensure they get the most out of their next eye exam, and receive the best lenses to regain sharp vision. Zeiss offers 4 education materials to help you better understand vision.

Education Tools:

1. Facts to know about vision and lenses:

Did you know that Children should have eye exams at the age of 6 months,
three years and when begining school, and then every two years untill reaching your 40's? Then you will need to get checked annually since your eyes start to experience natural age-related vision changes.
This secetion has alot of great facts about vision and lenses.

2. Tips for selecting an eye doctor:

This tool helps you better understand which eye doctor would be best for you and gives you great tips on how to select an eye doctor.
Did you know?
There are two types of eye doctors: 
  1. An Optometrist performs eye examinations and writes prescriptions for corrective lenses.  Most Optometrists can diagnose and treat some medical eye conditions and prescribe certain medications.
  2. An Ophthalmologist is a medical doctor treating eye diseases and conditions. Ophthalmologists perform surgery for cataracts and other eye conditions

3. Questions to ask at your nest eye appointment:

These questions will help you know what to ask your Doctor on your next eye appointment.
  1. Are all eyeglass lenses the same?
  2. Is there a difference in quality of lenses?
  3. What are the best lenses for my vision needs?
  4. Why are these lenses best for my vision needs?
  5. Can customized eyeglasses improve my vision quality and comfort?
  6. Will one pair of glasses meet all of my vision needs?
  7. Are there different methods to perform an eye exam?  What method do you use and why?
  8. What do you check for in an eye exam besides my prescription?

4. Facts to know about age-related vision change:

We all have things to pay closer attention to after age 40. Maintaining sharp vision can help us continue to see and experience life to the fullest. The information in this secetion will help you better under stand why its important to have anual eye exams.

Better Vision coud make for a better new year! Check out Zeiss today, for better vision tomorrow!!

*Disclaimer- I participated in a MomSelect program and will be receiving a $15 Tagret Gift Card and a Zeiss Lens Kit for writing this post. All opinions are mine and 100% true and honest, you opinion may differ, other facts came from MomSelcet and Zeiss.

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Mizzreviewlady said...

This tool sounds so useful for our family. My oldest son wears glasses and I really need to schedule him an appt much less myself. I will have to check out Zeiss:)