Saturday, February 11, 2012

Morphology Game Review

Like to play games? Tired of the same old Family Night games? Why don't you spice it up with Morphology?  Morphology Games is awesome, fun, creative game of hilarious and exciting fun! Morphology comes in Adult and Jr games

Morphology is a board game that requires players to dip into a box filled with strings, sticks, glass beads, colored cubes, and other wooden pieces to create an object chosen from the deck of cards. Think that's to easy? Guess again! For more challenging, when the dice rolls a certain number, you will be asked to flex your creative muscles by closing your eyes,  using your weaker hand or only pick 5 objects to work with while making your selected word. The best part, your timed, so You will have to think and build/design fast! Its a lot of fun!!

My fishing boat (lol)
Even thou, the game is recommended for 4 or more players ages 13+, my sister and I had to play it and see what it was all about. We had a lot of fun, trying to figure out what we was trying to test out the game. We had a blast with just the two of us, but it would be a lot better when you have more players so you can be on teams. The cute thing, is that your game pieces are little frogs, and the goal is to get them safely across the Lilly pad game board. I think this should be a a great day to add to your Family Game Night!!

I would totally recommend these games for all ages!

Some Fun Facts:
Time Toys: # 2 Toy of the Year!
Chicago Tribune: Top Ten Game to Help Get a Party Started
Teachers Choice Awards: 2012 Teachers’ Choice Awards for the Family by Learning® Magazine
Readers Choice Award: Best Party Game of 2010 – Readers’ Choice Award
Games Magazine: Top Party Game of the Year Nominee 2011 – GAMES Magazine Top 100 Games
Best Vacation Awards: Top Vacation Products of 2011
Timberdoodle Company:  2011 Game of the Year
Toy Depot: Top Game of 2011
Astra: Top 30 new toys at Toy Fair (2010)
D Monthly: Top 10 new toys at Toy Fair (2010)

Not only is it fun, it's recommended by the 9th Annual Teachers Choice Award for the Family program. All products were chosen by teachers and recommended to parents for continued learning at home.

To learn more visit Morphology Game's website. You can also connect with them on YoutubePinterestTwitter and on  Facebook . They are always having great contest, follow them, and check it out!!

Buy It: You can purchase the Morphology Game for $29.99 or the Morphology Jr for $29.99 Morphology's store, or Barnes and Noble.

*Disclaimer: I received the mention product for review purposes, no way did this alter my opinions of the product, all my opinions are 100% honest and true, your opinion, may differ.*

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