Sunday, February 12, 2012

My Egg Bank

Trying to conceive a baby and no matter how hard you try, you can't? Or know someone trying to conceive a baby but isn't successful? Having a child is a wonderful experience, but some couples aren't able to do to infertility. So I wanted to let you know about My Egg Bank.

 My Egg Bank offer women who are trying to conceive a baby with egg donation without having to wait for a donor, and at half the cost. My Egg Bank has the largest inventory of frozen eggs. Their database of donor eggs completely eliminates the 6-9 month period to other donation programs.
My Egg bank accepts and only uses the highest quality donors. Each donor goes through a thorough psychological, clinical, and genetic screening process. The patient gets to look through each donor's information available to help each patient to pick the best and to control each selection process.

My Egg Bank has a Frozen Egg Advantage Guarantee plan, specifically designed to provide peace of mind for self paying patients who require egg donation and are seeking a cost effective and convenient path toward parenthood. When entering the Frozen Egg Advantage Guarantee plan, you will pay a one time global fee, and will have up to 5 RBA Egg Bank cycles, once the couple brings home a baby, then the program is complete, and My Egg earned the global fee, if your not successful, you get your money back, and that's their guarantee.

The best part of My Egg Bank, they work around your bust schedule, the use of frozen donor eggs eliminates the need to synchronize the cycle of the egg recipient to the egg donor.

My Egg Bank uses their highly experienced clinical staff to help answer questions and offer any assistance a patient needs in finalizing their egg donor selection. For more information about their program, call: 1(888)200-3447

To learn more about egg/embro transfer, visit wikipedia.


Allison said...

My cousin-in-law and his wife have been trying to conceive for years. They've actually adopted a daughter but would still love to experience the joy of pregnancy and birth. I'll definitely tell them about this.
Allibird1 at aol dot com

Liz said...

We just used My Egg Bank in December. The batch of 6 eggs we received were very poor quality, which we understand was nobody's fault, nobody could have known. My clinic tried to fertilize them anyway. One did not fertilize and one was multinucleic; since ICSI was done, that was an issue with the egg. Of the other 4 eggs, all ended up grade 4 embryos, and the best one had only 5 cells on day 3. Apparently the egg bank guarantees that you'll get at least one 6-cell embryo, which we did not get, or you get to choose another donor at no further cost. They were notified by the embryologists on the day of the transfer, December 20, 2013. Obviously they did not work, and we were told in no uncertain terms by the embryologists that the embryos were not viable. This Friday, January 31st, will be SIX WEEKS since they were notified that the eggs were defective. They have also been contacted 3 times in that six weeks and they've not replied. So as it stands...we paid them $10k, we got a defective product, and they are dragging out the resolution. I'll be happy to update if and when we get one.