Saturday, February 11, 2012

“What’s in a Name?” Campaign

                            What's In a Name?

I remember when I was 10, my sister, brother and I had a family dog, a beagle. It was actually our fathers hunting dog, Sandie. When I found out she was pregnant, each of us was able to pick out a dog for our very own, even thou they would end up hunting dogs, we was still excited. I remember all I could talk about while she was pregnant, was I wanted the puppy with black polka dots. If your familiar with beagles, they all have the same traditional markings. But I insisted that she was going to have a polka dotted puppy. My dad tried reasoning with me saying there wasn't going to be one. I didn't give up, I was like watch daddy they will be because god said he would give it too me.

A few months went by and it was time for her to have her puppies, I was at my mothers house when I go t the news, that she had her puppies. That following weekend, I visited my dads house and went to look at all the cute little puppies, and there to my surprise, she had a polka dotted beagle. I was sooo excited. My sisters and brothers wanted her so bad, but my dad said it was mine, because I prayed for it, and it happened. She had all the facial markings of a beagle, but her whole body had black dots. When I laid eyes on her I was in love! My very own dog!!

Decision time came to name my cute little polka dotted puppy. When I was a child,  I always named all my barbie dolls and baby dolls Teesha, because when I was growing up, that's the name I always wanted, and swore I would name my children Teesha. Being my dads favorite (lol) I got to name her just that! I was the happiest child on earth that day.

A few weeks went by, and I ended up finding out my family dog didn't have enough milk, to feed the growing puppies, and she ended up being the runt. So, being the caring person I am, I bottle feed her, and helped her grow healthy, she excelled all the other puppies in size quick. She was the most healthy, beautiful dog you could ever imagine.

Tragedy happened when she got to be a grown size dog, My father decided to train them to be hunting dogs, and help track deers, and hogs. Living in the country and my daddy being a country boy himself, that's how we survived by eating wild animals. You name it, Ive ate it, (of course not knowing, rabbit stew and shark was on the menu) YUCK!! (lol) Good thing I was young and don't remember. One day when he was on his way from hunting, I ran out to the truck to get my Teesha and love on her, only to find out she wasn't there. She was missing.

The devastating news: A few days went by and still no sign on my best friend. I cried my self to sleep, night after night. One day, I seen her, she came hopping home, with her leg so swollen. My father took her to the vet, and come to find out, she was bitten my a rattle snake and had to be put to sleep. I was never the same after that. No more dogs from my daddy!!

When I got a Little bit older, My mom bought me a Teacup Poodle, at first I was so sacred to fall in love with another puppy, but this one would be different, he would be an inside dog, and wouldn't be going in the woods. I named him noodle, yes a weird name for a puppy, but his curly hair just reminding me of noodles. He is still here with me today, but he is over 15 years old :( so I know I haven't got to much time for him, but I spend all the time I can with him, because hes my baby, and Ill be there for him as long as I can!!

The story of how my dog received its name is certainly a special one, and I'm sharing it thanks to DogFenceDiy, the invisible fence alternative. No matter the name, DogFenceDiy cares about the safety of dogs everywhere.

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