Thursday, March 22, 2012

(Easter Event) TerraCycle: Drink Pouch Messenger Bag Review and Giveaway and DIY Project

I was searching for a green, reusable bag that will allow me to carry it like a purse. I love to take walks in the fresh air, and sometimes I find myself walking to a Department store a little less than a mile away, so I needed a bag that was durable, spacey, and had shoulder straps. I found the perfect bag, The Drink Pouch Messenger Bag by TerraCycle ! This bag had it all, shoulder straps, durability, awesome space, and the best of all, its made from everyday recycled products!

I really loved this bag, and use it for many different jobs such as, grocery store trips, diaper bag, lap top carrier, and the girls over night bag to grandma's house.  The Drink Pouch Messenger Bag measures 17.25 " wide X 12" tall X 4.5" deep. ( about 5 pouches wide, 3 pouches tall, and 1 pouch thick).

I would recommend TerraCycle products, they are built strong, and great for the environment and LOOK, they are super stylish!!

TerraCycle's purpose is to eliminate the idea of waste and non-recyclable or hard-to-recycle waste by collecting and solution systems for anything that must be sent to a landfill. The take the waste and use it to create over 1,500 awesome products, you can find some of their products at major retailers like Wal-mart.

TerraCycle carries many different up-cycling products like, The Drink Pouch Messenger Bag, Lunch Boxes, Tote Bags, Pencil cases, Clipboards, and much much more. They also carry Recycled Products like, Plastic Flower pots, Fences, Paving Stones, Benches, Garbage Cans, and much more, even plant foods, and Fertilizers all safe for the environment!! 

Do-It-Yourself Easter Project By TerraCycle: Easter Basket

Time: 20 Minutes

Food Wrapper
2 Paper Fasteners
Pen or Marker
Clear Tape
Hole Punch


1. - Flatten your food wrapper and cut out a 7.5" X 7.5" square.
Then cut a rectangle that is 1" X 7.5" to use as a handle.

Step 1

2. - Punch a hole in each end of the handle .5" in from each end. To get a clean hole punch when punching through the food wrapper, it helps to back the wrapper with a thick piece of paper and punch through both layers.

Step 2

3. - Mark light lines with a pen or marker 2.5" in from each edge, creating a grid. Fold along these lines, creasing the food wrapper.  

Step 3

4. - Cut into the first panel of the two fold lines on the left and right sides of the grid as indicated.

Step 4

5. - To create your basket, fold the cut flaps towards each other so they overlap. You can use a little bit of clear tape to keep it in place. Then fold the top edge of the overlapped pieces down by about .75". Tape in place. Repeat for the other side.

Step 5
   6. - Punch a hole about .5" from the top on each side of the basket. Attach your handle on each side with a paper fastener.

Step 6

7. - To add extra embellishments to your basket, punch holes every .5" around the top edge and weave strips of food wrapper through the holes. Put this Eco-treat to use and fill it up with your favorite goodies!

Step 7

 You can check out other awesome Do-It-Yourself Projects on TerraCycle's website.

Did you know??.... You can earn money for your favorite charity by collecting up-cycle materials such as; chip bags, cookie wrappers, drink pouches, sending them to TerraCycle! Start earning by signing up for TerraCycles Brigades at!!  

To learn more about TerraCycle visit, you can also connect with them on Facebook, Twitter and on Youtube, to keep up with their deals, promotions, and info on D-I-Y!

Buy It: You can purchase this awesome Drink Pouch Messenger Bag for $14.99 on TerraCycle's website.


Win It: Thanks to TerraCycle, one lucky reader will win a Drink Pouch Messenger Bag! Thanks so much TerraCycle!!

                                          Good Luck!!


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*Disclaimer - I received the mention product for review purposes and sponsoring my giveaway.  In no way did this alter my opinion of their products.  All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true, your opinion may differ.*

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The kashi notebooks are cute. I would raffle these off in my 5th grade classroom.

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I also like the Skittles DJ Messenger Bag. cwitherstine at zoominternet dot net

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I like the Circuit Board Coasters

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I like the Starburst Insulated COoler

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i like the recycled plastic pots!

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I like the Circuit Board clipboards :) Very fun!
Thank you for the chance.

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I love the Reverse Printed Wrapper Flower Tote

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The TerraCycle Lays Dill Pickle Backpack.

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I like the Biodegradable Fiber Pots.
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recycled plastic storage bins
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I love the Honest Kids Laptop case, super cute!

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