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(Easter Event) Tiny Tillia Review

Looking for the perfect Mom or Mom to Be, Easter Themed basket? Let me introduce you to Tiny Tillia by Avon. Tiny Tillia offers an awesome selection of Baby (up to 4 years old) and Mommy products, perfect for those mommies or mommies to be in your life! Tiny Tillia, Mommy Tillia Line of products include diaper bags and bath and skin care products like their awesome Mommy Tillia Gift Set. Their Tiny Tillia Children's line includes Bedding, Nursery Decor, Accessories, Babywear, Toddlers, Toys, Bath and Skin Care Products like their wonderful Tiny Tillia Diaper Rash Cream

I was excited to try out their Mommy Tillia Gift Set, which includes an 8oz Body Lotion, 3.4oz Hand Cream, and an 8oz bottle of Body Wash and their 3.4oz Tiny Tillia Diaper Rash Cream.

Mommy Tillia Body Lotion:
This 8 oz bottle of Body Lotion, is amazing! My skin is really sensitive, so finding a great lotion is a little hard for me, but after trying the Mommy Tillia Body Lotion, I found my new lotion! I have been using it for a little over a week now, and it has left my skin feeling really soft and feels well nourished. It's not doesn't have a greasy feeling, and rubs in evenly and absorbs wonderfully! It has a beautiful citrus scent, not to strong at all, and its a long lasting pleasant and relaxing scent. 

To Use: Apply a generous potion all over the skin when ever needed. 

Mommy Tillia Body Wash:
My favorite relax time, is my bath time! I love a body wash that smells great, works well with my sensitive skin and cleans, without drying out my skin, and the Mommy Tillia Body Wash works wonderfully! I have used this a little over a week also, and my skin feels clean and refreshed every time I use it. It makes a nice sudsy lather and also has a light pleasant scent of citrus, that last after showering too.

To Use: Pour a small amount on a wet washcloth, pouf, or directly in your hand. Lather, then rinse.

Mommy Tillia Hand Cream:
I'm one of those hand-washing fanatics, I wash my hands about 150 times a day, so my hands dry out really bad by the end of the day. To be honest, I have a fear of stuff on my hands, so reviewing this was a little difficult at first...But I did it and I love it! Right before I go to bed, I apply a small amount to my hands, nails, and cuticles. I have seen a dramatic difference in my hands, they are extremely soft and aren't dried out! I really love the Mommy Tillia Hand Cream, it's not greasy and absorbs well, it also has the beautiful, relaxing scent of citrus.

To Use: Massage onto hand and cuticles whenever needed.

Tiny Tillia Diaper Rash Cream:
My two-year old has very sensitive skin (like me) and when she gets sick with a tummy flu, her bottom ends up with a bad diaper rash, no matter how fast I change her. So when she starts showing signs of being sick, I immediately get out the diaper ointment and try to avoid the horrible outcome in advance. The last three days, both my two-year old and I have been sick, so this was the perfect time to try out the Tiny Tillia Diaper Rash Cream. This stuff really works!! The 3 in 1 formula protected her skin really well, and we avoided the diaper rash before it started. The Tiny Tillia Diaper Cream is thick and water-proof, it was really hard to wash off my hand, which is a great sign, knowing it won't rub off, when the diaper gets wet.  

To Use: Gently apply to diaper area.
Pediatrician tested!
Suitable for sensitive skin!

I really enjoyed the Mommy Tillia Gift Set, it made me feel wonderful, specially to pamper my self with awesome feminine products. This made me a ONE HAPPY MOMMA!! This gift set is perfect for an Easter Basket, Baby Shower Gift, Mother's Day Gift, Birthday Gift or even just to pamper your self!

I know Kyra really loved the Tiny Tillia Diaper Cream, and I would definitely back her up on recommending it! It works great and would be great for a Baby Shower Gift or to buy for your child/baby.

Tiny Tillia Special Offers:
This Diaper Caddy Set is on sale for $19.99! A $43.00 Value!! This would make a great Easter "BAG-sket", filled with a little bit of Easter Grass, and some of Tiny Tillia AWESOME Products, this would make the perfect Easter Gift for any moms and moms to be!!

About Tiny Tillia By Avon:
Originally sparked by a mother's love for her children, Tiny Tillia by Avon is a world of charming baby products designed to turn everyday routines into special moments for mother and child. The softest cotton babywear and Toddlerwear. The smartest developmental toys. The most inspired nursery decor. The highest quality bath and body products. An entire Mommy Tillia line to pamper mom. There's even a cast of lovable characters like Dilly Pig and Duncan Dog who are bound to become baby's new BFFs!
*Taken From Tiny Tillia Website*

To learn more visit, you can also connect with Avon on Facebook and on Twitter, to keep up with all their deals, sales and promotions!!

Buy It: You can purchase the Mommy Tillia Gift Set for $18.00 and the Tiny Tillia Diaper Rash Cream for $6.00 on Tiny Tillia's website.

*Disclaimer - I received the mention product for review purposes.  In no way did this alter my opinion of their products.  All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true, your opinion may differ.*

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