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National Bubble Week: Imperial Toys- Glow Fusion and Glow Fusion Illuminator

Celebrate National Bubble Week with Imperial Toys!
March 20th - 26th

National Bubble Week is almost here and what better way to get the party started...but with IMPERIAL TOYS!! Wondering what National Bubble Week is? National Bubble Week is a week for kids of all ages (Mommies and Daddies too!) to celebrate the awesomeness, fun and enchantment of Bubbles! And Imperial Toys are there to help! With their awesome selection of bubbles, you and your children will have a blast this year for National Bubble Week!!

J, a good friend of mine said, "Who says Bubble Week has to stop? Everyday is bubble day"! I couldn't agree more, and I'm sure my kids would agree also! If it was up to them, they would blow bubbles from dusk to dawn....and NOW they can even blow bubbles at night with Glow Fusion and the Glow Fusion Hi-Beam Illuminator!!

Kids and adults will have hours of awesome outdoor night time fun with the Glow Fusion Bubble Solution and the Hi-Beam Illuminator. Glow Fusion Bubble Solution begins with Super Miracle Bubbles Premium Plus Solution (Earth’s Best Bubbles), coupled with their special formulated Infusion Activators (A & B) that are carefully constructed to outrageously light up your outdoor play with a fantastic orange glow! The Hi-Beam Illuminator is powered by the new Glow Fusion Bubble Solution, by attaching and securing the bubble solution to the base of the Hi-Bean Illuminator. Gently press and hold the trigger to create a continuous flow of bubbles.  


My girls and I had a super fun time with the Glow Fusion Bubble Solution and the Glow Fusion Hi-Beam Illuminator. Set up was simple and easy to follow, just add package A, then package B into your bubble solution, mix gently for about 45-60 seconds, and the fun began! This is an awesome outside toy and we had fun lightening up the night. I wouldn't recommend playing with it indoors, because when the bubble fall on the ground, they leave glow in the dark spots. Don't worry! They dissipate after about 30 minutes and is very easy to clean up with water. That was the best part, decorating the walls and the ground with the bubbles, and having an art work afterwards. My girls had fun spraying bubbles and coloring my legs, (In their words, "Mommy your legs are sparkly and beautiful"-3yearold.) The Hi-Beam Illuminator was easy to clean up as well, just fill a cup of warm water and let it cycle through out the Illuminator for about a minute. This is recommend to keep your toy in great working condition!

Trying to get an awesome picture with kids running around was impossible, my girls were so excited, they wouldn't stand still long enough for me to capture a really great picture, but I did manage to get one with really cool lighted bubble effects :)

I would recommend these fun and exciting toys!! They would be great for any outdoor activity, camping trips, night time back yard fun, or any family gatherings. They will keep your kids entertained and having fun!

Check out this awesome Video:
Glow Fusion Bubble Solution!

Imperial Toys has a huge selection of Bubble Products and Novelty Toys, with awesome characters like: Strawberry Shortcake, Spongebob Squarepants, Batman, Marvel, Hello Kitty and many more. Great for any occasion and to make hours of entertaining fun for your child. Here are some of my favorite toys: Strawberry Shortcake Scented Dip and Blow Bubbles, Hello Kitty Bubble Bellie and the Googly- The It Ball.

Hello Kitty Bubble Bellie

Googly- The It Ball

Strawberry Shortcake Scented Dip and Blow Bubbles

To learn more visit, you can also connect with them on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with all their sales, deals and promotions!

You can also connect with Super Miracle Bubble on Facebook.

Buy It: You can purchase the Glow Fusion Bubble Solution for $4.99 and the Glow Fusion Hi-Beam Illuminatorfor $14.99 at retailers near you.

*Disclaimer- I received the Glow Fusion and Glow Fusion Hi-Beam Illuminator for review purposes. In no way did this alter my opinion of their products, all opinions expressed are one hundred percent honest and true, your opinion my differ.*

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