Monday, April 30, 2012

Baby Harmony Cleaning Products Review and Gift Basket Giveaway, Valued at $75

Spring cleaning comes once a year to most, but being a mom, I found out Spring cleaning is an everyday chore with little toddlers running around! So, I was looking for safe and Eco-Friendly cleaning products that would work great with my children's sensitive skin. Attention Mommies and Daddies, I found those perfect cleaning products at Baby Harmony.

Baby Harmony by HG Lab LLC offers Eco-Friendly, All-Natural Cleaning products that's safe for your children, pets, you and the Earth! These products are free of fragrances and dyes, making them super safe for your baby's sensitivity and sensitive skin. Don't have children, but still want an All Natural, Eco-Friendly Cleaning product? No problem, their sister site Harmony, offers Aromatherapy cleaning products, that will enhance your cleaning experiences.

Baby Harmony was founded by a Grandmother on a mission. She sought products safe and effective enough for her grandchildren, so, her and her husband, owners of HG Lab, made a line of baby cleaning products that's 100% pure and natural and free from fragrances and dyes that may cause allergic reactions for you or your baby. With their unique blend of ingredients, each product is individually designed to have superior cleaning power and balance to achieve optimum performance, without causing damage to the environment inside or outside your home!!

I was super excited to team up with Baby Harmony and review some of their Pure & Free products!! I was very impressed with all their products, as I cleaned some of the most dirtiest spots in my house, including Banana Covered Glass Doors, Spilt Cream-Soda Floors, Muddy Finger painted Walls, and my Favorite Sgetti' Stained Shirts.  Each product is designed to clean a certain area and every area I put to a test, their products worked wonders! My house hasn't been this clean since it was built in 2009.

Baby Harmony's line of Pure & Free products include: Stain Remover, Floor Cleaner, Glass Cleaner, All-Purpose Cleaner, Tub & Tile Cleaner, Carpet & Upholstery Spot Remover, Dish & Bottle Wash, Toy & High Chair Cleaner, Hand Soap, Non-Chlorine Bleach and Laundry Wash.  

                                              Hand Soap:
Washing kids hands is consistent here, I make them wash their hands about as much as I do,  I like for them to be germ free, to cut back on getting sick. I really loved this product, it works well with my kids sensitive skin and makes a nice lather. And knowing it's Pure and Free makes me feel a lot better knowing what my kids are using, instead of harsh chemicals!! 

                   Dish & Bottle Wash:
Have you ever wondered how much residue is left on your baby's bottles, sippy cups, pacifiers and other baby dishes? Some of the markets dish soaps contain awful harsh chemicals, with Baby Harmony's Dish and Bottle Wash, you can be rest assured your baby's dishes are safe, leaving no chemical residue. I really love this product, and use it while washing my girls sippy cups, plates and their utensils, I noticed there is no residue left on the dishes and my favorite part is that its gentle on your hands!!

                               Toy & Highchair Cleaner:
I know when my girls were babies they loved to chew on their toys, actually still to this date, my youngest Kyra, (2 years old) still puts things in her mouth. So cleaning their toys with any cleaning agents is just out of the question, until I found Baby Harmony's Toy & Highchair Cleaner! This is safe for cleaning their toys along with their highchair, by simply spraying the cleaner on and wiping off with a towel. I love this product and use it on my dining room table as well, before and after eating!  

                      Floor Cleaner:
My girls have a problem with throwing their food on the floor and then picking it up and eating it. Thinking of all the harsh chemicals I have used on the floor that leaves a residue scares me when they do that. But with Baby Harmony's Floor Cleaner I can clean my floors with confidence, knowing its safe for the kids and environment too! I loved how well it made my floors shine, plus it didn't leave a film or sticky residue! This is also perfect if you have a baby learning to crawl, since their hands are in contact with the floor and then straight to their mouth.

                                      Glass Cleaner:
Keeping my windows and doors clean is impossible with toddlers. I always have little finger prints everywhere and when I went to try out Baby Harmony's Window Cleaner on my back Glass door, I came across some banana finger prints. I didn't think it was going to come clean, so I sprayed a little and wiped down with a paper towel, but to my surprise it did, and didn't leave any streaks on the glass!! This Glass Cleaner is awesome!!

                        All-Purpose Cleaner:
My walls and doors have a hard time staying clean, specially if I'm not quick enough to catch the kids and get them to wash their hands. I have been looking for a nice product that would get the grime off but be gentle on my walls and paint, I found that in Baby Harmony's All-Purpose Cleaner! Its gentle formula got the dirt and grime right off and left my walls and doors super clean! I also love to wipe the counter tops off with the All-Purpose cleaner, specially before I prep my food for dinner, I know its clean and chemical free!

                                 Tub & Tile Cleaner:
My girls bathroom has these aggravating Sliding Glass doors, and they harvest pink water stains, I have tried a lot of cleaning products to get the grime off, but they fell short. I found that the Baby Harmony's Tub & Tile Cleaner got it off without a problem! It also worked great with the soap scum that was on the sides of the tub. Making sure my kids tub is clean is important to me, having a clean tub makes personal hygiene a lot nicer and safer.

    Carpet & Upholstery Spot Remover:
Have hard to get spots on your carpet or upholstery? Baby Harmony has you covered with their Carpet and Upholstery Spot Remover. My girls had snuck off with one of my sodas and ran to their room, before I could grab it they decided to throw it, leaving a huge spot on my carpet. I sprayed a little bit of Carpet and Upholstery Remover, left it on for 5 minutes and wiped it up,  it worked so well and made it look like a soda was never spilt! I was very happy with the results!

                                        Stain Remover:
My kids clothes seems to eat more food than my kids do, so having their favorite shirt stained is not uncommon here. I tried Baby Harmony's Stain remover was found it works well! Kyra had gotten some spaghetti sauce on her shirt, I sprayed some stain remover on the stain, rubbed it together and threw it in the wash. After retrieving the shirt from the dryer I noticed the stain was gone! I absolutely love this product! No more stains!!

                  Non-Chlorine Bleach:
I am guilty of using bleach for everything. That's my main go to cleaning supplies before I was introduced to Baby Harmony's line of products. After trying their Non-Chlorine Bleach I was impressed at how white my clothes got after one wash. Plus its safe to use on colors as well!! That is just what I was looking for to wash my towels with, since I couldn't ever bleach my colored towels. This is a wonderful product and works well with their Laundry Soap!
                                      Laundry Soap:
I think my kids clothes has a magnet to attract stains, spills and dirt!! I have tried different laundry soaps, but nothing works as well as Baby Harmony's Laundry soap! It got my kids clothes cleaned on the first wash, which to me is Fabulous, because my kids play hard and you can definitely tell by their clothes. The Laundry soap is 3X concentrated, so a little goes a long way, And is safe for HE wahsers! This is also great with stains, just apply directly to the stain and wait 5 to 10 minutes before washing! This Laundry soap leaves your clothes fresh clean and fragrant free!! And is extra gentle on my kids sensitive skin!! 

          Lavender Essential Oils:
I love Lavender, and being able to add a drop or two to my cleaning products is really awesome! I left most of my Pure and Free products fragrance free, but I did try this with my Floor Cleaner by adding a few drops to my mop bucket and let me tell you,  the scent is so relaxing! It gave my house a clean, heavenly smell! You can purchase other great Essential Oils on their site also, including Peppermint and Eucalyptus.


                          Before and After:





Still to this day, I have no idea how my house ends up so dirty, I have the case of the Mysterious Messy Monster, when I ask my kids how it happened, they have no clue. Sound Familiar?

Over all, I love Baby Harmony Products!!! They might not get rid of my Mysterious Messy Monster, but sure has me covered for when he appears!!

To learn more visit, you can also connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, and their Blog to keep up with their deals and promotions!!

Buy It: You can purchase Baby Harmony Products at their online Store, starting from $5.49 and up...A great price for All-Natural, Eco-Friendly, Cleaning products!

Right Now they are offering Free Shipping with a $20 purchase. AND when you purchase $20 or more you will also receive $10.00 worth of FREE Gifts!! AND Right now, you can LIKE Baby Harmony on Facebook to receive a $5.00 code to use also!! That's an awesome deal!!


Win It: 
Thanks to Baby Harmony, one lucky reader will win a Gift Basket worth $75.00!!! How awesome is that?? Thanks so much Baby Harmony!!!


Mother's Day
Baby Harmony Pure & Free
Green Cleaning Basket!
Making Cleaning Child's Play!
Baby Harmony Pure & Free Floor Cleaner Concentrate 16 oz
Baby Harmony Pure & Free Toy & Highchair Cleaner 16 oz
Baby Harmony Pure & Free Hand Soap 16oz
Baby Harmony Pure & Free Dish & Bottle Wash 16oz
Baby Harmony Pure & Free Glass Cleaner 32oz
Baby Harmony Pure & Free All-Purpose 32oz
Baby Harmony Pure & Free Carpet & Upholstery Spot Remover 32oz
Baby Harmony Pure & Free Tub & Tile Cleaner 32oz
Decorated Natural Basket!
A special gift for a special mom!
Flowers not included. Each basket is individually prepared and appearance may vary.

                           GOOD LUCK!!!


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Sunday, April 29, 2012

(SFOF) Udderly Smooth Review and Prize Pack Giveaway!!

Summer is a time to show some skin, weather your wearing shorts, soaking up the sun in your bikini or wearing your favorite sandals, either way you don't want to have dry, flaky skin. I discovered a way to feel confident and have great sMOOth skin for the Summer, with Udderly Smooth!!

Udderly Smooth is a family owned and operated business here in the USA for over 30 years and was originally invented for dairy cows, under harsh conditions. Now its used world wide on people with dry and chapped skin, and can be used as a Diabetes Foot Care, as a Facial Moisturizer, General Moisturizing Lotion and many different other uses.

I was super excited to team up with Udderly Smooth and try out some of their products, Udderly Smooth Vitamin & Cream, Udderly Smooth Udder Cream, Udderly Smooth Shea Butter Foot Cream and Udderly Smooth Body Cream Samples. I was very impressed with the results! Each product performed wonderfully leaving my skin feeling soft and silky, without leaving it greasy or coagulated feeling.

Udderly Smooth Shea Butter Foot Cream:

Dealing with hot weather here in Florida, my feet always seem to get real dry and crack real bad on my heels. I have been using the Udderly Smooth Shea Butter Foot Cream and seen a huge difference, and I mean HUGE! My feet have never been so smooth and moisturized in long time. At bath time, I simply used my pumice stone to remove most of the dead skin, and immediately after I get out of the shower, I applied the Shea Butter Foot Cream and slipped on a pair of fuzzy socks to keep them extra moistened. After a few days, my feet were repaired, no more dry cracked heels! Now with my feet looking young and soft I can enjoy my sandals without feeling embarrassed. 

Udderly Smooth Udder Cream:

I know when I lay out in the sun and get a tan, I can notice how dry my skin is, specially on a dark complex, it's almost like an ashy color. I have used other lotions in the past that didn't keep my legs looking moisturized all day, it would wear off in a few hours, but with the Udder Cream, it lasted all day, leaving my legs looking silky and smooth! And let me tell you, not only can you see the difference, you can feel it too! No more alligator legs for me! I really love the light scent this Udder Cream has, it's not to strong, just subtle to know it's there. This lotion is perfect for your whole body, and will smooth out roughness and soften your skin! 

Udderly Smooth Vitamin & Cream:

I am a consistent hand washer, so my hands get extremely dry and the tips of my fingers crack from excessive hand washing. I needed something to help smooth away that dry feeling, and I found it in the Vitamin & Cream lotion. It gave my fingers just what they needed, some TLC and left them feeling so soft! I also use this as a facial moisturizer, the Vitamin E really makes my skin glow and also makes it extremely soft and smooth. I really like how it doesn't leave a greasy feeling when you apply it and rubs in wonderfully. This works wonderful after shower time to keep your skin feeling smooth and soft all day long.

Udderly Smooth Body Cream Samples:

These sample sizes are great to have in your purse, diaper bag or in an emergency care bag in your car. Perfect for a quick relief of dry, ashy skin on the go!

I totally recommend Udderly Smooth products for your Summer needs and other times as well! These would be great to make a Mother's Day moisturizing gift basket for your Mom!  

To learn more visit, you can also connect with them on Facebook and on Twitter, to keep up with their deals, sales and promotions!

Buy It: You can purchase Udderly Smooth products on their website, or use their Where to Buy Tab to find a retailer near you!


Win It:
Thanks to Udderly Smooth, one lucky reader will win a Prize Pack containing : 8 oz Udderly Smooth Shea foot cream, 4 oz Udderly Smooth Tube, 3 oz Udderly Smooth Vitamin E cream and samples of other great Udderly Smooth products!! Thanks so much Udderly Smooth!!!

                                       GOOD LUCK!!!


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Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Instant Trainer Leash Review

Do you walk your dogs or does your dogs walk you? I know my dogs, Duke and Daisey walks me, they both are very strong and takes off with me trying to follow quickly behind them. Now that my girls are a little older, they are always wanting to help with everything and do everything mommy does, so taking the girls for a walk with the dogs was just plain impossible.

When I was asked to review the Instant Trainer Leash, I was excited! As soon as it arrived, I quickly placed Daisey in the Trainer Leash, I was so surprised,  it truly made walking Daisey a lot easier, since shes still a hyper puppy! The best parts of the Trainer Leash is how it wraps under the dog's hip, yes at first your dog will feel a little bit weird, but after they get the hang of it, they will walk with ease! I also love that you can slightly pull the leash without having to choke or yank my dog's neck.

The Trainer Leash simply uses gentle but firm resistance to stop your dog from walking you. It attaches to any collar with its easy to fasten hook clip. It also features a gripped handle and just amount of slack to keep my dog close to my side.  

The Instant Trainer Leash comes in two sizes, for dogs under 30 lbs (5 foot long) , and for dogs over 30 lbs (6foot long).

Big and strong or small and hyper... The Instant Trainer teaches your dog to be a great walker for anyone! That’s why it’s veterinarian and trainer approved!!

To learn more visit, you can also connect with them on Facebook for great tips and future promotions!

Buy It: Buy 1 Instant Trainer Leash in Small or Large plus Reusable Sticky Roller for $19.99 plus $9.95 P&H and receive a second BONUS Instant Trainer™ in the same size and an additional Sticky Roller, absolutely FREE! Plus you'll receive a $5 rebate offer so you pay only $14.99 plus P&H!

*Disclaimer- I received the mention product for review purposes, in no way did this alter my opinion of their products. All opinions expressed are mine and one hundred percent honest and true, your opinion may differ.*

Friday, April 27, 2012

American Dad! Volume 7

It's Time Again To Let It All Hang Out With An All-New Volume of Animated Outrageousness! American Dad! Volume 7, Brought To You By Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment Available Now At A Retailer Near You!!  

I'm a huge fan of the outrageously funny cartoon American Dad, and this volume didn't let me down! It had me Laughing Out Loud to some of the season's funniest episodes including Roger dating Steve's best friend, Steve walking in on his amorous parents, Stans horrible haunted house and many more!  This Volume 7, 3 disc set includes 19 fantastic episodes, loads of extra features and bonus content! Pack full to keep you laughing for hours!

From the disturbed comic minds of Mike Barker, Matt Weitzman, and the Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane, coems the always insane adventures of CIA operative Stan Smith and his wonderfully twisted family, Francine, Hayley, Steve, their alien Roger and their pet fish named Klaus.

Disc One:
*100 A.D.
*Son of Stan
*The Best Little Horror House in Langley Falls
*Stan's Food Restaurant
*White Rice
*There Will Be Bad Blood

Special Features:
*Deleted Scenes
*Audio Commentary on Select Episodes

Disc Two:
*People VS. Martin Sugar
*For Whom The Sleigh Bell Tolls
*Fartbreak Hotel
*Stanny-Boy and Frantastic
*A Pinata Named Desire
*You Debt Your Life
*I Am The Walrus

Special Features:
*Deleted Scenes
*Audio Commentary on Select Episodes

Disc Three:
*School Lies
*License to Till
*Jenny Fromdabloc
*Home Wrecker
*Flirting With Disaster
*Gorillas In The Mist

Special Features:
*Deleted Scenes
*I ♥ Patrick Stewart
*American Dad! At Comic Con 2010
*Audio Commentary on Select Episodes

American Dad! DVD:
Screen Format: Widescreen 1.78:1
Audio: English 5.1 Dolby Digital
Subtitles: English, French, Spanish
Run Time: 463 Minutes
Rated: NR
*Contains Language Not Suitable For All Ages. Parental Discretion is Advised.*

Be sure to follow Fox on Twitter!! To keep up with all their new releases and specials! ( @FoxHomeEnt )

About Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment:

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, LLC (TCFHE) is a recognized global industry leader and a subsidiary of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, a News Corporation company. Representing 75 years of innovative and award-winning filmmaking from Twentieth Century Fox, TCFHE is the worldwide marketing, sales and distribution company for all Fox film and television programming, acquisitions and original productions on DVD, Blu-ray Disc Digital Copy, Video On Demand and Digital Download. The company also releases all products globally for MGM Home Entertainment. Each year TCFHE introduces hundreds of new and newly enhanced products, which it services to retail outlets from mass merchants and warehouse clubs to specialty stores and e-commerce throughout the world.

*Disclaimer- I received this DVD for review purposes, this did not alter my opinions of this DVD. All opinions expressed are mine and one hundred percent honest and true, your opinion may differ.*

(SFOF) Kerusso: New You In Christ Collection Review and Giveaway!

With Mother's Day coming up, have you thought about what gift your going to give her for her special day? How about the gift of God's word? And what better way to express God's word and wisdom but with Kerusso!! Kerusso specializes in Christian Apparel and Accessories, from T-shirts, Jewelry, Hats, and Key chains, to Toys, Purses and Bags! You will surely find the perfect gift for your Mother or other loved ones!! Having trouble picking out a gift? Not a problem, you can visit their Gift Ideas section to find the perfect gift!

Kerusso is one of my favorite online Christian stores because they sell a vast selection of great quality Christian products. As some of you may know, I recently worked with Kerusso for my Christmas Gift Guide, feel free to check out my previous post and now I'm excited to team up with them again to bring you their New 2012 Collection: New You In Christ.

I love this shirt, it's not to thick or to thin, perfect for Summer Time weather! I get so many complements when I wear this shirt, which serves Kerusso's mission in spreading God's word through it's products, and it makes for an easy conversation about God too! This shirt is made with 100% Preshrunk Cotton, and is machine washable on cold with like colors, and tumbled dried on low. The Shirt is black and features the New York Skyline in pink and silver, with N.Y.C. in pink and silver as well. It also reads, "New You In Christ 2 Cor.5:17" in white lettering.

Did you know??....The average Christian T-Shirt is read as many as 3,000 times? You can impact your world for Jesus Christ simply by changing your shirt!

"Change Your Shirt. Change The World!" ~ Vic Kennett President.

Side 1

Do you have loose make up in your purse or is it hard to find sometimes? This wristlet is perfect in keeping your make up all in one spot, being a woman, I have so many different things floating around loosely in my purse, and found this to work wonders in keeping my makeup and other personal items organized. I also use it as my iPad case, which fits nicely inside. There's so many great things to use this wristlet for, it makes a great companion while traveling, perfect for your personal hygiene items. You also could make an emergency car kit with it, by adding a band aid, super glue, stain remover, tissues, pads and tampons anything you could think of that would be great use in a woman's emergency. The New You In Christ Wristlet features a zipper and an easy to carry wrist strap. On one side it reads "NYC New You In Christ", in big bold letters, and on the other side it reads " N.Y.C. New You in Christ" with the New York Skyline in the background, with a pink heart.

Wristlet measures: 7.75" wide , 5" tall, and 3/4" deep

Side 1

Caring around a big purse can be a drag, specially if your on a trip to the beach, lake, or a theme park. This cute New You In Christ Coin Purse is perfect for such trips! It can hold credit cards, keys, loose money (both paper and change), and even my lip stick, everything you need while out and about. It's also perfect just to have in your purse with loose change, makes it easier to find exact change when needed. The Coin Purse features a zipper and an easy to open latch, that fastens to a belt loop, bathing suit strap, or even your key chain. On one side it says: "NYC New You In Christ" in big bold letters, and the other side, is a picture of New York's Skyline and has a pink heart with the saying "New You In Christ" inside the heart.  

Coin Purse measures: 4.75" wide by 3.5" tall

Side 2

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here! ~~COR. 5:17

To learn more, visit, you can also connect with them on Facebook and Twitter for the latest deals and promotions!

Buy It: You can purchase the N.Y In Christ Shirt for $18.99, The Wristlet for $12.99 and the  Coin Purse for $7.99 on the Kerusso Website.


Win It: Thanks to Kerusso, one of my lucky readers will win their choice of ONE of the three items of the New You In Christ Collection!! Thanks so much Kerusso!!

                                        GOOD LUCK!!


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New Years Eve DVD Giveaway and New Years Eve Resolution Reset Blog App!

Have some New Years resolutions you left on the backburner? April is a great time to think about them all and the New Year's Eve Resolution Reset Blog App is here to help you double check and make sure you are on the right path to making your resolutions come true!

Below is the App, where you can: Take A quiz , Download some cool Reset tips, Watch the New upcoming Movie "New Year's Eve" trailer, A Countdoen clock to see how many days you have left on your resolutions, and Social Buttons so you can spread the word about New Year's Eve!

New Year's Eve DVD:

Warner Brother Pictures is proud to announce the release of the hit romatic comedy, New Year's Eve! DVD and Blu-ray Coming soon to shelves everywhere MAY 1st!

This all star comedy stars Ashton Kutcher, Michelle Pfeiffer, Katherine Heigl, Sofia Vergara, Hilary Swank, Sarah Jessica Parker, Zac Efron, Jon Bon Jovi, and Josh Duhamel!

Wanna get in on the action? Here's Your Chance! Win a Copy of the New Year's Blu-ray DVD Right Here!!

                                           GOOD LUCK!!


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Polar Bear Coolers

Get Ready for Summer with Polar Bear Coolers! Perfect for trips to the pool, beach or camping with the family!!


Polar Bear Coolers are more than just a cooler, the soft sided cooler is an all ourpose, hi-tech, bi-polar, portable insulation system! Its sleek design features a leak proof and sweat proof 5 layer air trap design to keep ice cold for 24 hours in 100 degree weather! Perfect for that family trip you have been planning all year long! Weather you want to keep your stuff hot or cold, Polar Bear has you covered!!

Check out their site, they have other great products as well!!

To learn more visit their website and you can also connect with them on Facebook!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Yo Gabba Gabba Live: Theres a Party In My City DVD and Story Book Review and Giveaway

My girls are HUGE fans of Yo Gabba Gabba! At first I didn't understand why they liked it so much, seeing a guy in bright orange tights just didn't appeal to me...UNTIL I actually sat down and watched the Yo Gabba Gabba Live! DVD with my girls. I learned just how awesome Yo Gabba Gabba is!! They teach you little life lessons, from eating your snacks to picking up your trash.

Yo Gabba Gabba Live! There's A Party in My City DVD:

Join D.J Lance Rock, Plex, Muno, Brobee, Foofa, and Toodee in their first ever live concert!!  This DVD will have your little one singing and dancing to some of Yo Gabba Gabba's favorite songs like, Get The Sillies Out, There's a Party In My Tummy, Name Game and much, much more!!

This full-linked DVD is packed full of special guest including Biz Markie performing Biz's Beat of the Day, Leslie Hall and DO IT teaching a Dancey Dance and Super Music Friend Show quest The Aquabats performing Pool Party.

Run Time: 110 Minutes including bonus content
Studio: NCircle Entertainment

Yo Gabba Gabba Story Book: It's Okay, Try Again:

This book teaches children, It's okay to try again. Perfect for little ones who gets frustrated when things don;t go their way. This story book is based on Yo Gabba Gabba's popular song Its Okay, Try Again.

My Thoughts:
I really enjoyed watching this with my girls, almost as much as they loved it! This DVD is packed full of great music and cute little scences, I love how they got involved with their fans in the audiance, and let the children do Biz's Beats of the Day. If your children are Yo Gabba Gabba fans, then this DVD is perfect and would be a great addition to any childs movie collection!! My girls also enjoyed the story book, which is perfect for little ones, because its a board book style book.
To learn more visit NCircle Entertainment, you can also connect with them on Facebook and Twitter, to keep up with their deals, promotions and new releases.

Buy It: You can purchase the Yo Gabba Gabba Live! DVD on NCircle Entertainment for $11.99 or at retailer near you!


Win It:
Thanks to NCircle, one lucky reader will win the Yo Gabba Gabba Prize Pack, which includes the Yo Gabba Gabba Live! DVD and the It's Okay Try Again, Story Book! Awesome huh??!! Thanks so much NCircle!!

                           GOOD LUCK!!


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