Tuesday, May 22, 2012

5 Extra Entries of your choice!! I have new links for the CrowdTappers!!


I am currently on Crowdtap. For those who don't know what Crowdtap is, it is the Influencer Marketing platform, enabling leading brands to easily identify, activate and manage their influential consumers for real-time insights and powerful online and offline peer-to-peer marketing.

You can earn points and parties on Crowdtap from hot brand name items like Old Navy! You can also cash in your points for awesome rewards!! If you haven't signed up for Crowdtap before, not a problem!! ITS FREE TO SIGN UP! Check them out today!! :)

Now for the Fun Part, anyone who watches and rates the links at the bottom of the page, will earn 5 Extra Entries into any giveaway they want!!! Just leave me a comment and say you liked the (#) link and leave which giveaway you would like your 5 extra Entries in!! Theres more links at the bottom, Each will give you 5 Extra entries. if you do 2 thats 10, 3 gives you 15, ect....

Please note, this is for the first 4 people, I will be doing this occasionally, so be on the look out!!


Link1-This Link needs 1 more person
Link2-This Link needs 1 more person
Link3-This Link needs 1 more person
Link4-This Link needs 1 more person
Link5-This Link needs 1 more person
Link6-This Link needs 1 more person


skyrobinson said...

I like a link

I would like my points for the HBL Hair Care.

skyrobinson said...

I liked my 2nd link

I would like more entries for the Ezistock Giveaway


skyrobinson said...

I liked a 3rd link

I would like more entries in the Socks4life giveaway

skyrobinson said...

I like the 4th site

I would love more entries in the Yo Gabba Gabba giveaway.

skyrobinson said...

I like a 5th site


I would like extra entries in the HBL Hair care giveaway

skyrobinson said...

I like the 6th site and viewed the site.


I would like the extra entries in the BeginAgain Toys giveaway.

JENNi said...

Hi Skyrobinson,

I gave you 10 extra entries in the HBL Giveaway, 5 entries in the Begin Again Toy Giveaway, 5 Entries in the Ezistock giveaway, 5 entries in the Yo Gabba Gabba giveaway and 5 entries in the Socks4Life giveaway, with the name SKYROBINSONBONUSENTRIES.

Thanks so much!!
And good Luck :o)