Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Organize World: Rain Tension Shower Caddy

My spring cleaning event was to conquer my bathroom, since being a girly girl, I have so many bath tub products, from shampoos to bubble baths, and everything in between, so I needed something that could hold a huge amount of items, yet keep it organized and looking spiffy. While browsing Organize World's bathroom organizers, I found the perfect item I have been searching high and low for, The Rain Tension Shower Caddy!!

The Rain Tension Shower Caddy by interDesign is a four shelf tower that holds a lot of great bathroom products and looks elegant all at the same time!! Each shelf is a little bit different in size and shape giving you extra room for different size bath products. The design on each shelf is also very beautiful, with a bubbly look to them and each shelf can be placed on the tension rod to your liking. The Rain Tension Shower Caddy is made with durable polished chrome so it wont rust and will last a long time!

I chose to put the Shelf that holds the razors on the top, second the shelf that holds a cloth or hand towel, third the thinner shelf, that's great for shaving creams, bubble bath and body wash, and the forth shelf is the bigger, deeper shelf, perfect for shampoos and conditioners. I may decided to switch the top shelf  and bottom shelf, since the razor hooks would be great to hold my girls little bag of toys, since I normally keep my razors put way up out of their reach.

Most people dread the "putting a product together" part, but actually the Rain Tension Shower Caddy was quite simple to put together, each pole was labeled with a letter and the directions were super easy to understand, plus it came with it's own tools. I had the Shower Caddy up in about 5 minutes, and placed in my shower ready for use!



The Rain Tension Shower Caddy fits ceilings from 5 feet to 9 feet tall, which my ceiling is exactly 9 feet tall and worked perfectly, I placed mine inside my tub shelf, and had plenty of tension in the rod, so this would also be great for shower stalls that has to be placed on the floor to the ceiling.  

Razor hook shelf

Cloth holder shelf

The thinner shelf, perfect for Shaving creams and bubble baths

Thicker shelf perfect for Shampoos and Conditioners

Over all, I absolutely love the Rain Tension Shower Caddy, it's elegant, beautiful, fully functional and perfect for all your bath and beauty products!! I have a huge amount of bath and beauty products and I have to say, it holds a LOT and I still have room for more on some of the shelves!!

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Buy It: You can purchase the Rain Tension Shower Caddy on Organize World for $47.51 and other great sites like Amazon and eBay (under the name Organize World).

*Disclaimer- I received the mention item for review purposes, this did not alter my opinion of the product. All opinions expressed are mine and 100% honest and true, Your opinion may differ.*


Melissa Berry said...

I love your shower caddy and the fact that you didn't have any problems putting it together! We installed one in our shower but have odd height ceilings...it popped out while installing it and almost took out my husband!! I hate to say it but I laughed....glad he was ok but laughed none the less ;)

Amy V said...

I LOVE this! not only is it a great tool to organize my shower items but it looks great too.

Sandy VanHoey said...

I love this. I have an old plastic one in my shower but this is awesome and much more room. Not to mention, it won't look so bad like wshite plastic ones do. This has much more class. Great review!

ann said...

This is great. Not made of plastic and has thicker shelves for heavier stuff. There is always lots of things to put on them for each of us has our own shampoos etc. So that make it nice for each to have a shelf of their own

Robin O said...

I need one of these! I am really trying to get things more organized, and this would help in the shower. Great review!