Monday, June 11, 2012

Busy Mama Giveaway Prizes

This is the list of all the awesome prizes for the Busy Mama Giveaway! One lucky Winner will receive all the prizes listed here:
Dial A Smile Kit & Pen Combo $478.00 Value!! 

Sometimes Busy Mama's just don't have enough time to get their teeth whitened at the dentist, this awesome Smile Kit and Pen Combo, you can have white teeth in 20 minutes, in the luxury of your own home with professional results!! Winner will receive a Smile Kit and Pen combo, to help them keep their smile bright white!

VTech LS6475-3
Cordless DE CT 6.0, Push to Talk and HD Audio $99.95 Value!

This 2 handset and Bluetooth head set is perfect for Busy Mama's that are trying to juggle 10 things at once! Keep your hands free with this awesome Phone from VTech! Winner will receive a VTech LS6475-3 to help keep up with all their tasks while talking on the phone weather it's business or pleasure!

Imusa Panini Press
Panini Press with Non-Stick Coating $59.99 Value!

Sometimes Busy Mama's just don't like to spend hours cooking! With the Panini Press, Busy Mama's can make hot Panini's or Cuban sandwiches for a quick and easy dinner!! Winner will receive a Panini Press to help out with dinner, when there's just no time to cook!
$25 Gift Card to Baby Harmony!

Busy Mama's won't have to worry about if their cleaning products are safe when using Baby Harmony! Winner will receive a $25 gift card to use on anything on Baby Harmony!!
$20 gift card to Amazon 

Amazon is a great way to get things you need with out having to run all over town looking for a product that's potentially out of stock, specially if your a Busy Mama! Winner will receive a $20 Amazon car to purchase anything on Twist and Fold Activity Gym
Infantino Twist and Fold Activity Gym $39.99 Value! 

The Infantino Twist and Fold activity is great for the Busy Mama! It makes clean up and storage a cinch! And is perfect for giving a Busy Mama a minute to re-cooperate. Winner will receive a Twist and Fold Activity Gym!! Support Carrier
Infantino Support Carrier $44.99 Value!

A Busy Mama always needs an extra hand, with the Infantino Support Carrier, you can be hands free while still having the close comfort of holding your child. Winner will receive a Infantino Support Carrier! Park Place
Infantino Park Place Play/Changing Mat $14.99 value!

Busy Mamas can save time with the park place. Simply unfold it for a quick place for your baby to chill, play, or get changed. Winner will receive an Infantino Park Place! Blanket Pet
Blanket Pet *Winner's Choice* $29.99 Value!

Being a Busy Mama, we get our rest while our child is napping or sleeping at night, help your child feel comfort while sleeping with a Blanket Pet from Zoobies!! Winner will receive their choice of a Blanket Pet. Fast Table Chair
Fast Table Chair $49.00 value!

Make dinner time easy, with Inglesina's Fast Table Chair, this chair is perfect for the Busy Mama to have dinner with your child and have them right by your side, whether your at home or at a restaurant. Winner will receive a Fast Table Chair with carrying bag from!!
Conscious Box $19.00 Value!

Conscious Box always has great samples from Eco-Friendly companies. Some samples include different natural energy, perfect for Busy Mama on the go! Winner will receive a Conscious Box! Wicking Robe
Wicking Robe $45.00 value!
The Wicking Robe is perfect for Busy Mama's to jump out the shower and throw on to get ready for work or a special appointment! Winners will receive a Wicking Robe from

Harmony Cleaning Products
$25 Gift Card to Harmony

Every Busy Mama needs a little bit of Harmony in their life and with the cleaning products at Harmony, your on your way to a safe, clean and environmentally friendly house! Winner will receive a $25 Gift card to use on any product at Harmony.
Small Gift Basket $35.99 value!

 The Beecology Small gift basket is perfect for Busy Mamas to have a relaxing minute, weather at home or on the go, these products can go with you anywhere!! Winner will receive a Small Gift Basket that includes: Three all-natural body and hand soaps, Two Buzz Balm lip balms, and One Original Honey Hand and and Body Cream Tube.
Night Light $38.95 value!

The night light form is perfect for Busy Mamas that need to rush to the kitchen for a baby feeding or a mid night hunger attack. No more stubbing your big toe in the dark, and it makes a beautiful piece of decor with a personalized picture! Winner will receive a Night light from
Madelaine Chocolate Prize Pack!

Reward yourself with these scrumptious chocolates because every busy mama needs a little sweet reward every now and then! Chocolate Prize Pack will consist of a delicious mix of tulips, ladybug, butterfly and bumblebee gift sticks, duets, and fish.
Swan Bracelet Wrist Watch $3.21 Value! 
Being a Busy Mama, time flies by, never lose track of time with watches from!! Winner will receive a Swan Bracelet Wrist Watch, to help her keep up with time.
 Night Walker Book

 He gave up his soul for a second chance to love her and what busy mama doesn't need a little bit of love in their life? Winner will receive the Night Walker Book!
Personalized Photo Name Picture $40.00 Value!
 Busy Mamas may be too busy to take a trip to the beach or may not even have the time to write your name in the sand and that's fine because thanks to the lucky winner is going to receive a personalized photo of their name in the sand.
6 Pack of Davinci Syrups $48.00 value!
All Busy Mamas need a little bit of extra energy through the day, a great way I find energy is drinking coffee. Spruce up your coffee with Davinci Gourmet Syrups in only seconds! Winner will receive a prize pack from Davinci Gourmet that includes: Classic Vanilla, Classic Raspberry, Classic Caramel, Non Alcohol Kahlua and Zero Calorie White Chocolate.
$25 Gift Card To Brightly Green
Busy Mama's need a good cleaning product that does the job the first time!! You will have excellent results with an Eco-Friendly experience!! Winner will receive a $25 Gift card to Brightly Green to use on any product they wish!
Peanut Butter Variety Pack $17.97 value!

 With school out for the summer, Busy Mamas can make lunch or an afternoon snack a breeze with! 

Cozy's Complete Guide to Girls Hair
Book: Guide for girls Hair styles and Do's $10.85 Value!

A guide for girls hair is perfect for quick and easy hair styles, giving Busy Mamas a little more time to get ready for school, work, or a play date!
Winner will receive the Guide for Girl's Hair book!!


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