Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dog Days Of Summer Campaign

This post is brought to you as a part of the Dog Days of Summer Campaign, hosted by the folks at dog training collars. From vacations to pool parties, there are plenty of opportunities to spend quality time with your furry friend this summer!

My dog Duke, is just like my big ole' kid, and just like the rest of my kids, I want the best for him and to keep him super healthy! I would love to share with you some of my tips to keeping your furry little friend happy and healthy during this summer!!

Having a dog exercise is very important to his health and well being. Active dogs can reduce a lot of different illnesses and keep them fit, in shape and healthy. There is different things you can do with your dog to keep him active such as going for a walk daily, running, playing fetch, 

Vet Visits:
It's very important to take you dog to vet visits to maintain a healthy and happy pet, and it's best to take them yearly for different types of tests including heart worms, parasites, and other illnesses.

Just like a child, pets need vaccinations also, to help prevent certain diseases and illnesses, keeping your perky pup healthy! There is different ways to vaccinate your furry friend, you can A: take them to the vet for their vaccinations or B: do it at home, either way, it will keep your pet healthy and illness free.  

Heart Worm Prevention:
Mosquitos normally come out in summer months, so protecting your beloved pet from heart worms is very crucial. An infected mosquito can cause a dog to get heart worms,  it's easier preventing heart worms than having to treat heart worms and cost much less. There's a monthly medication out that helps prevent heart worms and can ask your local vet for more details.

Nutritional Vitamins:
Giving your pet the right amount of nutrition is essential to maintain a healthy pet. There is different ways to give nutritional vitamins like in food, shots, oral medication. I personally like to give our puppy the pill form and have it wrapped in a delicious dog treat.

Grooming is a very important step in maintaining a healthy pet. Grooming consist of different things like keeping their nails clipped, Hair cleaned and brushed, ears cleaned, gum care and keeping them free of bugs.

*Nails Clipped- Its very important to keep their nails clipped, you can purchase different pet nail cutters or take them to your local groomer and they can clip their nails. This step is very important, because when their nail grows to long, it can break below the quick, causing your dog a lot of pain or cause other health related issues.

*Hair Cleaned and Brushed- Giving your pet a bath can lead to a happy pet, although some dogs run from the word bath, only because they are uncomfortable with the water in their face, they make pet sprayers that help calm a dog down giving them a relaxing bath. Brushing your pets hair is also important, Your pets hair sheds, specially in the summer months getting it ready to grow their winter coat,  by brushing your pets hair, you can easily remove the access lingering hairs. This may not cause problems for your pet, but could for your family who has allergies. You can find pet shampoos and brushes at your local dog/pet stores.

*Ear cleaning- Keeping your dogs ears cleaned is very important, it helps reduce bacterias, viruses, yeast and many parasites. Doing this weekly will help prevent many potential ear problems before they start and will save you time and money. You can find ear cleaning kits at your local dog/pet stores.

*Gum care- Gum care is very important to help keep their gums and teeth healthy. Some people don't realize how important this step is, dogs can get gingivitis just like people, this can cause your dog to have horrible breath. Cleaning your dogs teeth isn't an easy task, but there's treats that can help reduce gum disease and take care of bad breath or you can take them to the vet to have their teeth professional cleaned. 

*Bug Free- Keeping your furry friend free of bugs will keep him happy, his skin healthy and disease free. Fleas and ticks can carry harmful diseases and transmit them to your pet, this includes tapeworms (fleas) and lyme disease (ticks). Shampooing can dramatically reduce fleas and ticks, but wont kill them all. Applying a flea and tick free collar, spot-on treatments, oral medications or powder will help keep them free of bugs.  

Thanks for letting me share my tips with you, I would love to hear some of your tips to keeping your dog safe and healthy!!

Remember having a furry friend is a lot of fun!! Whether it's an inside dog or an outside dog, maintaining their health is very important!

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royalegacy said...

Great tips for your dogs. Thanks for sharing them.

Pet Vaccinations said...

very good

trishden said...

Great tips and a great reminder. I just looked at the calendar and my pupkins was due for her heartworm pill yesterday! Thanks!