Sunday, June 24, 2012

Old Navy Swim Suits


With Summer here, what better way to kick it off, but with Old Navy, Swimwear!! Recently, I was picked on Crowdtap to Sample and Share an Old Navy Bathing Suit. A Sample and Share is an opportunity from Crowdtap and a Company to Sample an Item and Share with your friend or family member, where both them and you receive a coupon or item to test out and keep. One of many awesome opportunities on Crowdtap.


I was super excited to go shopping at Old Navy for a bathing suit and what perfect timing too, since my family and I are planing a family vacation to Vero Beach. I decided to take my mom and my two girls (ages 2 and 3) and have a Mother and Daughter and Daughter day, BOY was that the biggest mistake lol!! Our closest Old Navy store is 2 hours away, which wasn't that bad for the girls since they watched their little DVD players on the way there. But time we got there it was 30 minutes till close and our coupon expired that day, on top of that, my girls been couped in the car for two hours....needless to girls got into the store and acted like wild pack of Tasmanian devils!! Twirling through the store like tornado's...You get the picture right??!! They were on their best not so human behavior. I am sure the employees was like, YES 30 minutes till close....

Before I actually went and to save some time, I visited and looked around at all their styles. They have so many styles, colors and prints from Mix and Match Bikini's Tankini's and Full Bathing suits. I fell in love with their Cherry Print String Bikini and their Cherry Print Sandals. So I knew that was what I was going to try on first.  

Upon my adventure in the Old Navy store, I seen so many awesome bathing suits, they were all displayed in a very neat and organized order. I immediately went and looked for the Cherry Bikini, because I knew time was short, but to my surprise, the cherry bikini was previously marked on clearance, so my coupon wouldn't permit the sale. So I continued to look around, then I found a very pretty pink snake skin tankini, but the didn't have my size, they only had small, and extra small. I then found a Cheetah print bikini, and fell in love with it, since i am a huge fan of animal prints, off to the fitting room I went....after rounding up the kids of course...UGH!!! Back to reality! I immediately realized my body just didn't look the same after 7 kids than it did in high school!! ( I of course blamed Old Navy, saying they had fun house mirrors in their dressing room, you know the ones that make you look 500 pounds heavier? lol, just kidding! But just think if they had the opposite ones?? The ones that make you look super skinny? I bet they would sell a million bikini's lol!) So, realizing this, I went to look at the Tankini's, I mean, you know ones that cover ya up a little bit, but still has some sexy to it? I found an all black print tankini and a blue striped tankini, running out of time, I quickly darted to the dressing room. While trying them on, I noticed both were different styles, the black one had a full back, and the blue one had a tie in the back revealing your back. I fell in love with the Blue one!! I thought I could get much needed sun on my back if it was opened, compared to the black one that probably would give me a farmer tan, plus it fit my body beautifully!!

After I found my favorite bathing suit, I journeyed to the Kid's clearance section, and seen all kind of cute girl clothes, plus it was take an additional 30% off the already marked down sale price. I found some really cute yoga type pants for the girls for winter, on sale for $1.99 and I scored them for $1.39, so I grabbed one of each color, in different sizes, 5T and 4T. I mean you can't pass up a brand name pair of pants for $1.39!! I also got the girls both Purple dress with white butterflies that was on sale for $3.29.

Now, back to my Mom, she was looking for a bathing suit that my sister would like, ok, know that saying, let the 80's remain in the 80's? Yeah, well never let your mom pick out a bathing suit lol!!!  With 3 minutes left reamining till the store closed, I rushed over there in the nick of time and saved my sister years of tourment..(Just playing!) I found her a really cute blue and green stripped bikini, and just knew she wold love it, since it contained her favorite color..... green.

Check out was lovely, the cashier was really suburb, asking if we found everything we needed and wished us a great day...I really knew what she was thinking thou....YAYYY they are gone..But she didn't show it :)!

Over all, I really enjoyed shopping at Old Navy, they have a really nice selection of different bathing suits and the price range is very affordable.

To learn more visit, you can also connect with them on Facebook to keep up with sales, deals, promotions, and get really good saving coupons!!

*Disclaimer- I received coupons for a friend and myself to conduct this review for Old Navy, through Crowdtap. All opinions are mine and one hundred percent honest and true, your opinion may differ.*


royalegacy said...

Old Navy is just loaded with bathing suits. Gonna have to go check them out this weekend, and get a new suit for the 4th!

Olivia R said...

i didnt even have to get to the next line you wrote...when i read my mom, and two daughters! Gosh bathing suit shopping is stressful enough. Yeah, i have lived in florida for the pat 4 years, and finally bought a suit last summer. I have yet to put it on this summer. Good for you for being confident enoght to wear a suit. Maybe oneday i will be too.

meg said...

Old Navy is a one stop shop for me! Especially since I live in Los Angeles and can wear casual clothing and flip flops most of the time!! I get in and I get out very quickly and very happy!