Sunday, June 17, 2012

Saving for Summer!

Summer is a great time to spend time with the kids and do wonderful activities with each other or even go on vacation. As a mom, I know that money is sometimes hard to come by, so doing some activities that cost money is out of the question at times. There's a lot of free things you can do with you child or children that doesn't cost money, like swimming at the lake, hiking, playing sports, riding bikes together, scavenger hunts, or even making crafts from stuff around the house. There's also ways of saving money to fund family activities for summer fun, I will tell you a few ways how I save to have money for summer activities.

There's two ways you can save, one is in-store coupons and other is online coupon codes. I will discuss about each of them and how you can save. 

In-store Coupons- A lot of people don't take time out to cut coupons or in fact use them. To be honest, that's money your throwing right out your window!! I know I am not an extreme couponer, but I do use coupons and get things at really great deals. I normally do some researching to find out what coupons are coming out in the inserts in my local newspaper by checking around on different types of coupon blogs, if I see coupons with things I use often I do attempt to purchase quite a few papers to have an extra set of coupons, if I don't see things I use frequently, I may only buy one paper. Here comes the fun part, as I check my sales papers, I look for things I use and get out my coupons for those particular items. I add up all my coupons and place the amount of money I am saving from my coupons in a jar, and go shopping.

On-line Coupon Codes- I do a lot of shopping on line also, most places want your business and offer coupon codes for discounts or free shipping to draw you in, you normally get these by emails or signing up for a companies newsletter. Ok, yes I know that all those stores emails fills up your inbox, making it impossible to keep track, no need to keep up with them anymore! I found a really cool site called that has over 45000+ stores with many different codes that doesn't cost a thing to use, and offers great coupon codes for online purchases!! With those savings, you can purchase wonderful things for your vacation or summer activities. I use the money I saved with in-store coupons to shop on line, to me its like getting everything for free with a discount. The money I save from my coupons weather its online or in-store, I call free money, not that its literally free, but money you made by using coupons. With all my money I saved up all year long, I use for our families summer activities. You would be surprised at how much money you can save in a year by simply using coupons!!   

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ann said...

Another way is also put all your change from the stores in a jar to. Or have your kids collect soda can and cash them in to. The older kids can do chores for grandma and put that money to a vacation to

Melissa Palmer said...

Great ideas, thanks!