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V-Tech LS6475-3

Ever wish you had extra hands to accomplish tasks at one time? Being a stay at home mom, I try to handle a lot of tasks at one time, weather its writing, cooking, playing, or cleaning, on top of that, answering the phone. Most of the time its an instant reaction to stop what your doing to answer a ringing phone, but what if I told you there's a new way of answering your phone with out compromising your time with other tasks? Let me introduce you to VTech Phones!!

VTech was established in 1976 and lives by the words "innovation beyond technology". There mission is to be the most cost-effective designers and manufactures of innovative, high quality consumer electronic products. VTech operates in 10 regions around the world, and distributes their innovative, high quality electronics to markets worldwide in the most efficient manner possible! As our evolution of telecommunication evolves, rest assure VTech will continue to lead the way with their new and exciting technologies as they emerge, giving us a innovative, high quality, reliable and leading edge of products!!

LS6195LS6475-3 offers a a huge selection of great phones, perfect to fit all your different needs, styles and budgets! From retro to colorful and everything in between, they even have a price category, to help you stay with-in your budget!!

I was super excited to try their awesome  VTech LS6475-3, This phone is stylish and has a super sleek design, it comes with two handsets and two bases, one with an answering machine and a blue tooth headset that is perfect for busy moms, dads, stay at home workers, to help keep your hands free, so you can accomplish multitasking while chit chatting on the phone, weather its business or pleasure! I always had VTech phones ever since I could remember, but recently my two year old decided to see if my last phone would float in the toilet, unfortunately it didn't make it. So as soon as the LS6475-3 arrived I immediately opened and started setting it up, it felt so good to finally have an operable land line!

After I sat up the LS6475-3, I decided to explore the phones features, I don't like to read the manual until about a week afterwards, because I find it exciting to discover all the features on my own. I noticed some of the features that are similar to other VTech phones, like the speakerphone button, built in caller id, answering machine, back lighting caller id and buttons and mute key, but  I did notice this phone has a lot of other great features that other VTech phones don't offer, like my favorite the blue tooth style headset.

The first feature I discovered was the push to talk button, this feature is just like a walkie talkie, it allows you to talk to other people in different parts of your home, by simply pushing a button. This eliminates all the unnecessary helling and perfect if your bed bound, or lazy like me and page your sister to bring you a drink lol!! The second feature I discovered was the voice announce caller id when someone called my house. I love that feature, specially if the phone is on the charger when it rings, you know weather or not you want to get up to answer your phone, the down side to the feature is if your sleeping and have a younger sister that likes to call at 8 am repeatedly, you will get annoyed quickly (but, only if you have a sister like mine lol!). The third feature I found very useful is the 10 last call redial feature, which allows you to redial the last ten numbers you recently called and you can also use the caller id to call back a number. After playing for it about a week, I read the manual and found so many more great features like the trilingual prompts, 50 name and number phone book and that you can retrieve your answering machine messages from your handset.

    My favorite feature is the blue tooth, it comes with 5 different ear plugs and 3 different ear placements and a head placement, for your hands free experience. To answer an incoming call, all you do is push the little button on the front of the headset. The sound is awesome and is very clear as well as the other two hand sets. It has a magnetic receiver to easily place on the answering machine phone base.

    VTech LS6475-3 Features:
    *HD Audio
    *Caller Id/Call Waiting-stores 50 calls
    *Voice announce caller Id
    *Volume Control
    *Backlit keypad and display
    *Trilingual prompts allows you to choose between English, Spanish or French
    *Mute Button
    *Any Key Answer
    *50 name and number phonebook directory
    *Intercom between handsets
    *Handset speakerphone
    *Conference between an outside line and up to 4 cordless handsets
    *Expandable up to 12 devices (2 devices can be cordless headsets) with only one phone jack
    *Digital answering system
    *Message Retrieval from handset
    *Voicemail Waiting Indicator
    *Message time and date stamp
    *Up to 14 minutes of recording time
    *Call Intercept
    *Remote access
    *Last 10 number redial
    *Call screening
    *DECT 6.0 Digital technology

    Overall, I am in LOVE with this awesome phone!! I love to use it while I am writing, cooking, cleaning, and working.  It's perfect for busy mommies and daddies that work at home and home office workers to keep your hands, phone free!!

    To learn more visit, you can also connect with them on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with their deals, tips and promotions!!

    Buy It: You can purchase the VTech LS6475-3 for $99.95 with Free Shipping on

    *Disclaimer- I received the following products for review purposes, this did not alter my opinion of their product. All opinions expressed are mine and one hundred percent honest and true, your opinion may differ.*

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