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Zipit Bedding Review and Special Discount Code

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Being a full time mommy, I have learned a various of things, such as, your not only a full time mommy, your also a full time nurse, maid, cook, and coach. So I am always on the look out for new exciting products to help me out, with my daily jobs! I didn't find a robot to pick up toys, but I have found a solution for making the bed, with the new AMAZING Zipit Bedding!!

The Zipit Bedding is an awesome way to make your bed, just by simply zipping a zipper!! This makes making your bed lots of fun and super easy, even my 3 year old can make the bed!! The Zipit Bedding was created by a mom after watching her son clean up after a sleep over, she noticed how easy it was for them to clean up by simply zipping up the sleeping bags and that's when it hit her, she wanted something that was simple as a sleeping bag yet fully functional as a comforter, thus, creating the new Zipit Bedding!

 The Zipit Bedding is a comforter with a printed sheet connected by two zippers that run along the sides of the fitted sheet. Not only does this help you make the bed with ease, it can also tuck your child in for a warm nights sleep!! It features zippered side pockets, that's on both sides of the fitted sheet, and a Zippered Pillow Case, that has a printed side and a solid color side and a zipper to easily put on your pillow. The comforter is super soft quilting and has a solid side and a printed inside, and the fitted sheet is a printed sheet. The Zipit bedding is great for bunk beds, air mattresses, RV beds, sleep overs, trundle beds, regular beds and Murphy beds.

I decided to get a Pink Full size Zipit Bedding for my room, since my 3 year old sleeps with me ( which I highly don't recommend lol!!), and I figured we could change it up a little, since my sheets are normally just a plain black set. After receiving the Zipit Bedding, I immediately placed it on my bed, it was super easy and only took me a few seconds, just enough to place the fitted sheet and comforter on my bed. Although the color doesn't match anything in my room, it still looks great and my 3 year old just loves it! She loves the designs and loves to tell me what each design is, if my baby girl is happy, then I am happy!!  I really love how you can just wash the whole set together and after washing, it can fit on your bed and be instantly made! Over all, both Shay and myself love the Zipit Bedding and would make a great present for any child, teen or tween and even a dorm room college student.

*Make and change your bed in seconds
*Kids stay tucked in and warm at night
 *Wash and fit to your bed as one
*Fun and interactive for kids
*Super soft and durable

The Zip it bedding comes in two colors, Pink and Blue and two different sizes, Twin and Full. It also comes with a matching Zippered pillow case and Zippered side pockets on both sides of the fitted sheet, which is perfect for holding your remote controls, cells, your child's favorite toys or other things that can potentially get lost with-in the sheets. 

          Check out this Video!! A Must See!!

To learn more visit, you can also connect with them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to keep up with all their sales, deals and promotions!!

 Buy It: You can purchase the Zipit Bedding for $59.99 for Twin and $69.99 for Full, right now you can use code JENNI10 for a discount, and pay the price of $39.99!! That's a great deal!!

*Disclaimer- I received the mention product for review purposes, this did not alter my opinion of their products. All opinions expressed are mine and one hundred percent honest and true, your opinion may differ.*

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