Thursday, July 26, 2012

College Registry: A New Service to Help Parents Raise Funds For College

Being a mom, I want the best for my children and that would include a good college with a great career. I believe that education is the key for survival in the real world and to be successful in the future. I mean what parent doesn't want the best for their child, Right??!!

Did you know that the cost for College and Universities are steady rising? That is correct! Tuition at public universities rose 15% from 2008 - 2010; and several will increase by over 40% this year alone! Can you say expensive? I learned that it's never too late or too early to start saving funds for college!! I found a Program that can help you save college funds for your children and help you prepare the amount you need for their college education. Let me introduce you to this awesome program called College Registry from FiPath!

College Registry From FiPath new service helps parents like us raise funds for a college education from family and friends! Registration for this service is Free to Sign up and you receive some awesome features that include:

*College Cost Estimator: Learning the estimated cost to attend a specific college using their college cost estimator that breaks down cost details at the top 130 colleges and universities.

*Planing Tools: Use a suite of planning tools to help you determine college education saving goals which includes how much money you will need to raise form family and friends.

*Saving Goal: Create a profile highlighting your saving Goal.

*Email Platform: Share your profile with family and friends through the email platform, who can then contribute funds for college directly to your College savings account through a secure PayPal transaction.

*Donation Tracker: Utilize a dashboard to track who you shared your profile with, and what user that contributed/donated to your fund,  and how much they contributed/donated.

Registration is FREE, so what are you waiting for? Stop buying toys they wont play with and Start a College Fund for your Child, Grandchild or loved one with College Registry!!

See how a Contribute Works: 

Every Little Bit Adds up!!

To learn more visit, you can also connect with them on Facebook!

About FiPath:
FiPath is the only independent site that provides free financial education and collaboration for all types of consumers, including unbiased content, easy-to-use tools, peer-to-peer connections, and expert top tier resources like Morningstar, E-Trade, Schwab, and ING. The FiPath Express Rollover Center gives consumers the ability to quickly and easily sort through multiple rollover options to determine which is the best match for them. FiPath for Advisors™, a service of FiPath, is the first independent, online marketing solution for financial advisors. For more information, go to

*Disclaimer- This is a sponsored post*


Anonymous said...

Very cool new service! As a parent of 2 young kids, I'm already panicked about the cost of college--this will help a ton. Thanks for writing about it!

Anonymous said...

I'm in the same boat. There are times I feel I am getting a little late in the game considering that my oldest is about to be 11 and I've got two behind him. Definitly going to take a look at this.

Donna George said...

I hope that this will make saving for college a little less overwhelming. That would be a Godsend for us parents.

Karen Hand said...

This program sounds like a very good one to begin saving for your child's college education. I only wish that they had something like this when I was younger for my children.

Laura Jacobson said...

Oh this is really neat! With Carter being so little you always wonder how in the world you would pay for their college when they grow up without putting all the college debt on the child in student loans. I think this is just wonderful!!!
landfjacobson @