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Grace's Sweet Life: Italian Dessert Cookbook

Grace's Sweet Life
Homemade Italian Desserts from Cannoli, Tiramisu and Panna Cotta to Torte, Pizzelle and Struffoli.
Graces Sweet Life is written by Grace Massa Langlois, this 200 page Cookbook, brings life to a whole new world of Sweets!

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*Cakes and Cheesecakes
*Mini Desserts
*Cookies and Confections
*Pies and Tarts
*Pastries and Fried Desserts
*Creams, Custards, Mousses and Souffles
*Frozen and Fruit Desserts
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There is 50 stunning and beautiful pictures in this wonderful dessert cookbook, one of them being the Amaretto Cheesecake with Amaretto Caramel Sauce, don' that look just so tasty!?

Amaretto Cheesecake with Amaretto Caramel Sauce
I am a huge fan of sweets and I love to cook, so when I was giving the opportunity to review a cookbook for sweets, I was excited and couldn't pass up the opportunity! When I received the book, I noticed it was for Italy's most delicious, homemade Italian desserts, I thought this was very interesting, as when I think of Italian, I think of Spaghetti, Parmesan, and other pasta dishes! As I looked through the cookbook, I noticed the recipes are simply understandable, and are given in very great detail in how to do each step. I found this to be helpful and can get an exact idea of how to make each dessert dish. I also love the photos throughout this cookbook, giving some of the recipes character and definition. 

There's so many exciting dishes in the Grace's Sweet Life Cookbook and can't wait to make them all!! There is one that I know my children would love, it's the Raspberry Sorbet, the picture to it looks very appealing and looks really delish!

Over all, I think if you love sweets like me and love fancy dessert dishes for parties, celebrations or holidays this cook book is outstanding and would totally recommend it!!

About the Author:
Grace Massa Langlois was born in Maasmechelen, Belgium, to Italian parents Vera and Ermando Massa. She grew up in London, Ontario, where she lives with her two children, Liana and Matthew.  Backed by a business education, Grace began a career in finance at one of the largest banks in Canada. Her experience took her to the automotive industry as a financial service manager. She excelled in her field, but a debilitating injury forced an early retirement in 2003. Worse still, her husband, Maurice, suddenly passed away a short time later. With some encouragement from her children, Grace decided to share her love of good food, and in April 2010 launched her website, Here, she shares recipes, stories about her Italian heritage, and the joy of growing up in a large, close-knit family. Liana is the face behind the camera, shooting all the photography. Matthew holds the difficult (but enviable) position of being the official taste tester. Graces Recipes shows her talent for making complicated desserts accessible to the everyday home cook. She strives to share her message that by learning the basics using fresh ingredients, home cooks can enjoy restaurant-style desserts at home.

To learn more you can check out her website, you can also connect with her on Facebook

Buy It: You can purchase this awesome paper back cookbook for $17.95 on Amazon. Right now you can score this awesome Cookbook for $12.21!! *PLEASE NOTE: Prices are subject to change!*

*Disclaimer: I received the mention cook book for review purposes, this did not alter my opinion of their products. All opinions expressed are mine and one hundred percent honest and true, your oipinion may differ.*

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Robin O said...

This looks delightful. I love both Cannolis and Tiramisu but have never made either. It would be fun to try!