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(House Warming Event) Icey Tek From HP Coolers

Living in Florida, I realized these past few years our Summers are full of Hurricanes. Not only is Florida affected by Mother Nature but other states as well like Tornado's and Earthquakes. And do you know what normally goes with natural disasters? No Electricity! What better way to preserve your food than with a cooler, but not just any cooler, an Icey-Tek Cooler from!! Not only are Icey-Tek Coolers great for emergencies, they are also versatile and can be used for camping, fishing, hunting, emergencies, medical, visiting the pool, lake or beach and even a family day out at the park.  

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Icey-Tek Coolers are made from premium components and materials that consist of a 100% A grade polyethylene external skin and a non staining, non odor absorbing, impact resistant food grade internal liner. This is to create the ultimate commercial quality cooler for you to use with confidence and for many years to come!

Icey-Tek Boxes Great Features Include:
*Robust and Light weight
*Double insulated lid also gives added heat retention, ideal for storing hot foods.
*Superior ice/cold retention that keeps contents cold for up to 10 days.
*Ultra Heavy Duty Self Stopping Lid Hinges.
*Lid Latches that's made form flexible black thermoplastic elastomer plastic.
*Rubber Gasket for creating the perfect seal.
*Lockable receivers to padlock your Cooler.
*Innovative commercial grade Skids to protect bottom of all coolers
*Cube boxes have finger grips under the lid and Long Boxes have plastic Coated rope handles for easy carry.
*All Boxes come with two rubber gasket bungs that ensure a watertight seal.
* 1inch drain holes located on both sides of the boxes allowing easy water draining and easy cleaning.
*18 Colors to choose from.
*3 Different Styles Cube, Long Box and Elite
*Over 15 different sizes available (25-600QT)!
*Accessories and Ice/Gel packs are also available!

I was very excited to team up with the awesome people over at HPCoolers to bring you this awesome Icey-Tek review! When I received the Cooler, I noticed it was one of my favorite colors, PINK and it couldn't come at a better time!! A couple of days after receiving the cooler, our power went out due to the recent Tropical Storm Debby and I was very blessed to have the Icey-Tek Cooler! I placed most of our perishable items inside the cooler and used their Maximum Benefit section to learn how to use the ice and amount of ice. As they directed, I filled all the empty spaces with extra ice from the freezer leaving no space for air, doing this it helps keep your ice lasting longer verses the air will lead to the ice melting a lot faster. Luckily for us, our power was only out for 7 hours and we was able to save our perishable items thanks to the technology of the Icey-Tek Cooler.

I have also used my Icey-Tek cooler on a family outing to the park, you know the summer weather can dehydrate a child quickly, so it's always great to have replenishing drinks on hand. This cooler worked wonderful for that also, keeping our drinks super cold and very quenching in this hot Florida weather. I will definitely be using our Cooler on our next vacation to the Beach later this month!!

Some of my favorite features is the latchable top to help lock in coldness, The easy to use drain holes, perfect for draining the water and for easy cleaning. I also love the underneath grips on this Cube box, giving  the cooler a nicer sleek design look. I also love how the cooler itself retains heat for hot foods or cold for cooler foods/drinks. I just love EVERYTHING about this cooler to be truthful!!

                                        Inside and Bottom

                          Lid Latch and Lockable Receivers

                             Removable Rubber Gadgets

                                       1inch Drain holes (on each side)
                                 Plugged and Unplugged 

                            Hinges and Easy Grip Handle

Over all, We absolutely love the Icey-Tek Coolers and would totally recommend them for your home, vacation or family outings, whether its fishing, hunting camping, parks or the pool!!

To learn more visit, you can also connect with them on Facebook and Twitter to see all their new promotions, tips, deals and contest! 


Between July through September Hp Coolers will be randomly choosing a winner to receive an Icey-Tech Cooler by liking their Facebook page!! So Stop by their Facebook page today for your chance to win!! 

Buy It: You can purchase a 25 Quart Icey Tek Cube Box for $189.99, in 18 different colors from

*Disclaimer- I received a Pink 25 Quart Icey Tek Cube Box for review purposes, this did not alter my opinion of their products. All opinions expressed are mine and one hundred percent honest and true, your opinion may differ.*

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