Monday, July 9, 2012

My Camera...Delay in Event

Hi Followers and Readers!!

 I wanted to let you guys know, I haven't forgotten about the House Warming Event! I wanted to tell ya'll I recently broke my camera by dropping it, so now the lens wont focus correctly and leaves my pictures looking horrible. I want to provide you with the best pictures of the products, so I have ordered a new camera, and I am hoping to receive it by Thursday. I will continue my Event when I receive it. Meanwhile, I do have a few other reviews I had taken pictures of, before my camera's last flash, and will posting those this week.  Stay Tuned! More to come!!

Example of Picture: (its so blurry and has weird lines in it)

Have a wonderful Week!

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royalegacy said...

OH NO! Well, I hope you are getting a better camera than what you had before. It is always nice to get an upgrade.