Thursday, July 12, 2012


July is the month to Make  Difference to Children! What better way to make a difference then to encourage families to be more active in your child's life!

To Celebrate Making A Difference To Your Child, I want to introduce you to THE PAJANIMALS (Produced by Sprout and Created by The Jim Henson Company) which debuted July 7 on the NBC Kids Weekend Block!  

This fun Cartoon series became super popular when it debuted in fall of 2011 on the 24 hour preschool television channel Sprout. Now you will be able to enjoy them again in July as they make their way back with exciting new adventures! THE PAJANIMALS are cuddly musical puppets that uses their imaginations to journeys and adventures of discovery. These cute, gentle characters, Sweet pea Sue the pony, The Excitable duck Squacky, the creative cow CowBella and the optimistic puppy Apollo, will help model the skills preschoolers need to move through their days successfully, especially getting ready for and going to bed!!

A great way to get active in your child's life is become more active in bed time! Here are Some great tips About Bedtime From Sprout!

Blow off Some Steam:
At the end of the day,  allow your child to expand some energy by running around the house, dancing to music or tumbling on the carpet.

We love to dance to get the wiggles out and I find that it helps at night and making bed time easier!! What better way to be active than get up and dance with your child! They would love it, and trust me the sillier the better! :)

Calm Things Down:
After getting the Wiggles out, start the wind down process. Calm activities like reading or listening to quiet music are great ways to transition your little bundle of energy into a calmer state.

I read my girls a bedtime story every night to help them unwind from their busy day! Plus reading plays a very important role in their vocabulary skills and gives them the love of reading when they get older.

Keep It Light:
Diffuse end of the day grumpiness with a playful attitude. Bedtime shouldn't be a chore, so incorporating a song or activity could reap benefits, Like play Simon Say's as they get into their pajamas! (Simon says takes off a sock)

We normally play the tickle monster to get them in a happy mood before bedtime. I haven't tried the Simon Say's game but will definitely try it out to help with getting their pajamas on!

Stay Consistent:
Stick to a specific bedtime and lead up to it with a routine. A simple routine is best, such as a bath, brush teeth, and read a book. This consistency provides a feeling of safety and a framework to help little ones sooth them selves to sleep.

Snuggle and Share:
Once your child is tucked in bed, those last moments before lights out are the perfect time to snuggle up and huggle up! Take a few moments to reconnect and reassure. Share a warm story, talk about the highlights of the day or the things you look forward to tomorrow.

Staying on top of bed time with consistency is very important, we normally do our routine by getting a bath, brushing our teeth, putting on pajamas, a few tickle monster tickles, followed by a little crazy kid dancing, after all that I tuck them into their little bed and read them a story, we try to take turns on which story we will read that night. After story time I kiss both of them and give them a hug, ( and dap, a form of hand shaking- long story) then turn the lights off and wish them sweet dreams.

To even get the Bed Time party started TOMY, will be having their new line of THE PAJANIMALS toys which includes:

*9 and 15 inch Plush Apollo (SRP: 9" $10.99 and 15" $19.99)
Apollo is a purple and green Dog.

*9 and 15 inch Plush Cowbella (SRP: 9" $10.99 and 15" $19.99)
Cowbella is a Purple and White Cow.

*9 and 15 inch Plush Squacky (SRP: 9" $10.99 and 15" $19.99)
Squacky is a blue and yellow duck.

*9 and 15 inch Plush Sweet Pea Sue (SRP: 9" $10.99 and 15" $19.99)
Sweet Pea Sue is a pink and orange pony.

*Snuggle Up Story Mat (SRP: $29.99)
This mat features all the lovable PAJANIMAL characters and includes a soft book that transforms into a Pillow.

These Fun bedtime friends plush line will be available for Purchase October 2012 at online retailers!! Don't miss your chance to own some of these great Items fro your Child!!

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*Disclaimer- I will be receiving one PAJANIMAL for my post in this champagne, all opinions expressed are mine and one hundred percent honest and true, your opinion may differ.*


DEBIJOT said...

These pajanimals are so cute. Love anything affiliated with Jim H.

Sandy VanHoey said...

Oh how cute! I can hear the kids now wanting one of these. Great review! Thanks!