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Ripley's Believe It or Not! RBI Fact or Fiction Book Series Review and Giveaway

Summer is a great time to keep your child's active imagination learning, by reading books. I recently came across some very interesting story books from Ripley's, called RBI Bureau of Investigation Fact or Fiction Chapter Book Series.

The Ripley's RBI website offers lots of fun activities! You can meet the RBI Agents, learn about the Academy, Learn what Gadgets the RBI team uses, Learn more about Each book and where to buy the books and of course Fun stuff like: desk top images, coloring pages and fun puzzles.

The RBI Agents work hard to bring these mysteries to rest, I have sat down and read each of these books, and I have to admit, they are very interesting as well as entertaining! These will surly have your child's mind exploring the possibilities of some fascinating stories!

There is 8 books in the first series of Ripley's RBI series:
Book #1: A Scaly Tale
Book #2: The Dragon's Triangle
Book #3: Running Wild
Book #4: Secrets of the Deep
Book #5: Wings of Fear
Book #6: Sub-Zero Survival
Book #7: Shock Horror
Book #8: The Lost Land

Book #1: A Scaly Tale
The Florida swamplands are home to hungry gators, wild electrical storms, and a most unusual creature. Sightings of a strange lizard-like animal reach Ripley High and the RBI are sent to investigate. During their search, the RBI agents find themselves in the middle of a high-speed airboat chase, a swarm of rats, a mysterious treasure hunt and DUL agents in disguise. But then that's nothing unusual when you're a member of the RBI!

Book #2: The Dragon's Triangle
The coast of Japan is being terrorized by a mysterious creature. The BRI are sent to investigate sightings of red glowing eyes that peer out of sea mists and an enormous beast that breathes fire and tramples cars. A trip to Japan revels a bizarre inventor and stories of a slumbering sea dragon. Is their mission linked ti the old legend of the Dragon's Triangle and it's tales of disappearing ships?

Book #3: Running Wild
A plane crash ten years ago and reports a strange wold boy lead the RBI to the wilds if western China and to a girl who thinks that the creature might be her long-lost brother. But the mountains and surrounding jungle are full of dangers. Can the team brave hungry tigers, snarling wolves, and treacherous ravines to uncover the truth? A dangerous mission for the RBI!!

Book #4: Secrets of the Deep
In an eerie underwater cavern, human hands reach out from the seabed searching the dark water. The RBI are sent on a watery quest to get to the bottom of this unsettling mystery, Strange Happenings on the sea at night, an angry school of sharks, and terrifying zombie ghost stories, all add to the challenges faced by the team on this creepy new mission. Will the RBI uncover the truth?

Book #5: Wings of Fear
Sightings of something strange soaring through the skies over London send the RBI on a mission to England's capital city. Soon agents find themselves caught up in high speed car chases. gliding high above the River Thames, and tackling a gang of jewel thieves as they try to track down the mysterious flying creature. 

Book #6: Sub-Zero Survival
The RBI team begin to link together the hidden clues that they have found on their last few missions, and the results point them toward Antarctica and an ancient ice station. However, terrible blizzards, floating pack ice and a creature that swims with the seals make their hunt for a lost artifact anything but easy!

Book #7: Shock Horror
Reports of mysterious fires, exploding trees and unexplained power outages in a remote Rocky Mountain town reach the RBI. Is there any truth in the terrifying stories of a strange figure in the forest with sparks flying from his fingertips? Using their own powerful skills, the RBI are tested to their limits on the sizzling adventure.

Book #8: The Lost Land
The RBI travel to the plains of East Africa to investigate strange sightings of Unbelievable animals, and find local people terrified of the unnatural animal cries they hear in the night. With DUL agents hot on their trail, the RBI find themselves on one of their most scarey missions so far as the adventure leads them to the mysterious lost island.

Over all, these books are fantastic! They offer a lot of information about different parts of the world and has a different adventure to keep you on your toes, and thinking, is this Fact or Fiction!! At the end of each story it will tell you whether its real or fiction and other pages gives you other interesting facts of real discoveries and case files! These are really great books and perfect for children who loves mysterious adventures!!

To learn more visit you can also connect with them on Facebook and Twitter!!

Buy It: You can purchase the RBI books off the website! Each book is $4.99.


Win It: Thanks to Ripley's, one lucky reader will win books 1-8 from Ripley's newest series titled RBI. A $40 Value! Thanks so much Ripley's!!!

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*Disclaimer- I received the mention products for review purposes and Ripley's is sponsoring this giveaway, this did not alter my opinion of their products. All opinions expressed are mine and one hundred percent honest and true, your opinion may differ.*

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