Monday, July 9, 2012

Wilfred Season One

Unleash your canine side as Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment releases their new Complete First Season of Wilfred! Available now to own on Blu-ray and DVD!

Get ready to sit, roll on the floor and beg for more with this insanely funny and daringly original new comedy, Wilfred! Elijah Wood stars as Ryan, a down-on-his-luck lawyer who forms a unique friendship with his sexy neighbor's pet pooch Wilfred. Everyone else sees a dog, but Ryan sees a bong ripping, beer chugging, foul mouthed Australian bloke in a furry suit. (Played by the outrageously funny Jason Gann). By unleashing the surly, sweet and always adventurous Wilfred, Ryan may just learn to stand on his own hind legs and embrace the insanity of real life!

Disc One:

Disc Two:

Wilfred DVD:
Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment
Language: English
Subtitles: English, Spanish and French
Rated: NR Not Rated
Run Time: 286 Minutes

My Thoughts:
I really enjoyed these 13 episodes of Wilfred! At first I was like maybe this isn't for me, but after watching it, I fell in love with this show, and it's hilariously funny! I love that each episode is based on a theme or emotion such as Happiness, Trust, Fear, and Respect just to name a few, and the comical dog jokes are super funny!! The actors did a great job at in their performance, making it seem as if Wilfred really is a dog to them. My favorite episode has to be when Wilfred talked Ryan into pooping in his neighbor shoe and stealing his weed plants. I need a dog like that (lol)!!

Over all, Wilfred is a great DVD and would be perfect for your home entertainment movie collection! It does contain some sexual behavior, funny and daring Jokes, and drug use, I wouldn't recommend children under 13 to watch this DVD, it's intended  for mature audiences only.

Buy It: The Blu-ray and DVD are available for an average price of $30 Blu-ray and $25 DVD, and can be found at retailers near you.

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About Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment:

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, LLC (TCFHE) is a recognized global industry leader and a subsidiary of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, a News Corporation company. Representing 75 years of innovative and award-winning filmmaking from Twentieth Century Fox, TCFHE is the worldwide marketing, sales and distribution company for all Fox film and television programming, acquisitions and original productions on DVD, Blu-ray Disc Digital Copy, Video On Demand and Digital Download. The company also releases all products globally for MGM Home Entertainment. Each year TCFHE introduces hundreds of new and newly enhanced products, which it services to retail outlets from mass merchants and warehouse clubs to specialty stores and e-commerce throughout the world.

*Disclaimer- I received this DVD for review purposes, this did not alter my opinions of this DVD. All opinions expressed are mine and one hundred percent honest and true, your opinion may differ.* 


Mizzreviewlady said...

Seems really funny! I love that Elijah Wood plays in it! I remember watching him in movies when he was just a young boy!

Courtney Tucker said...

By the way it looks, doesn't seem to interest me...but since you thought you wouldn't like it either and had a change of mind, maybe I will to, we'll see! : )

Anonymous said...

Great review! Like you I wasn’t sure if I would like this show but then I have always liked Elijah wood, so I gave it a shot. In my opinion this is his best work; better than Lord Of The Rings or Green Street Hooligans or anything else (with the possibly exception of his character in Sin City). I decided I would at least give it a chance, and it quickly became my favorite show of last year. I know the season one DVD set is a little low on extras, but I went to, and even without being a customer, you can check out some of the extra stuff they have for Wilfred. They have a lot of behind the scenes stuff that isn’t on the DVD’s. I was on my lunch break here at Dish and pulled the site up with my iPad to re-watch last week’s episode, and got lost watching the extras instead.