Monday, August 20, 2012

Hot New Site!!

Sometimes Busy Moms need to unwind, laugh and interact with other moms, what better way than a website that offers all the above? Momonomics is just that website!! It offers a place for moms to get together and laugh, cry, rant and have a good time!!

Momonomics, is created with the playful combination of the words Mom and Economic, and defined as finding superior quality, natural, healthy and organic products at the best prices, by delivering them in the most cost-effective and time efficient manner. provides moms with quick opportunities to unwind, laugh, interact with other women, creating the ultimate "mom's night out" without leaving the comfort of your home. Perfect for today's multitasking and time-strapped moms!!

Check out all the cool Topic's and Conversations Momonomic's has to offer!

* A Place to Vent- Let it all loose, have something to vent about and need advice? This is the perfect topic for both! You can share gripes and get receive advice!!

* A Place to Brag- Your kid the best?? Completed Potty training? This is the prefect topic to boast about your parenting and personal achievements!

*Pillow Talk- Lets face it lots of marriages have some kind of problems, not ever one is the princess dream. This Topic is great for marriage and dating issues along with sex stuff.

*Kitchen Diva- Need something new to cook?? Or easy? This topic you can find easy and healthy recipes, fun for the whole family!!

*Slacker- Ok this is probably my favorite topic, cuz here lately I feel like I have been slacking!! I have been super sick and super behind. Have other mommy sins?? This is the perfect topic for you!! You can confess to your mommy sins, without feeling awful!!

I just love this site!! I found fun topics you really don;t find any place else and I love that I can interact with other moms that are in the same struggles as myself. Besides, the awesome topics, you can also shop from their awesome website! How awesome is that?? is Brought to you By is an online healthy living store that offers over 2000 of the top, most trusted natural brands for a healthy living, including diet foods, healthy essential, nutritional supplements, whole food and sports nutrition. They have wonderful discounts and coupons, check them out today!

To learn more about Momonomics, visit and to learn more about Vitacost visit You can connect with them both on Facebook!!

*Disclaimer- I am receiving a gift card for participation in promoting the Momonomic's Website, this did not alter my opinions of their website. All opinions expressed are mine and one hundred percent honest and true, your opinion may differ.*


Mike Davis said...

Thanks for the review-- I'll let Dianna know about the new site--and I think she buys from Vitacost before--all the same good luck to the new site.

Jennifer Hiles said...

Awesome, I'm going to check this site out now! Can't wait to read the Vents!