Saturday, September 29, 2012

(House Warming Event) RCA Dual UBS Charging Clock Radio

Does your night stand get all cluttered with all your electronics like your cellphone, tablet, radio and alarm clock? Well I found the perfect solution for you, with the RCA Dual USB Charging Clock Radio!!

The RCA Dual USB Charging Radio Clock is an all in one device, that doubles as an Alarm Clock, Radio and USB Charging Dock with built in tray, an all around electronic luxury.
*Charge two devices at once (e-reader, phone, mp3 player, tablet or other USB devices)
*Full clock and radio Function (dual wake with snooze and sleep features and back-lit LCD display)
*Audio Line in (for mp3 or smartphone listening)
*Built in Tray (Stores your devices)
*Cable Management (Dual spool wrap-arounds to organize cables)
*Wake to FM radio or alarm

I was super excited to review this awesome Dual USB Charging Clock Radio by RCA, as I know how hectic it can get with all those lose wires hanging around everywhere, plus kids... kind of makes it a dangerous or disastrous situation! At first, I didn't realize it only used USB cables, so I couldn't use the Charging Dock at first, but I did use the radio and alarm clock frequently. When I clean, I love to listen to music, and this radio played loud crisp music!! The alarm clock worked phenominal also, it was loud and you could use the beeping alarm or use the radio, perfect for hard sleepers as myself. Just recently, I won my very first Smartphone and I was able to test out the Charging Dock, it was a nice solution for keeping my new phone charged, safe and organized. I just love that it keeps the cords to my new phone safe, so no one could accidently run into the cord and make my phone fly and possibly ge damaged!

Overall, I would totally recommend the RCA Dual UBS Charging Clock Radio!!! I think these would make excellent gifts, or even to spruce up your nightstand!! As RCA says, "You need to recharge at night, so does your mobile devices. But you don't want a mess on your night stand, do you?"

Did you know...Back in 1954 for a 12 inch color television in a box cabinet cost $1,000?? Ain't that crazy?

To learn more visit, you can also connect with them on Facebook and Twitter for up-to-date deals and promotions!!

Buy It: You can purchase the Dual USB Charging Clock Radio for $49.99 on Amazon!!

*Disclaimer- I received the product mention above free of charge for review purposes, this did not alter my opinion of their product. All opinions expressed are mine and one hundred percent honest and true, your opinion may differ.*


Jennifer Young said...

Wow, my husband and I REALLY need this, lol!!! This is great! I'm going to ask for this for Christmas! :)

Mike Davis said...

I agree-- WOW!-- this is pretty nice I like the dual--ub plugs attached,and the digital display--pretty nice!--great gift idea.