Tuesday, October 2, 2012

(Baby To Child Event) Lullaby Earth Review and Giveaway

Being a mom, I know what it's like wanting only the best for you baby, from formula to bottles, even down to your baby's crib mattress! That is why I want to introduce you to Lullaby Earth and their Super Lightweight Crib Mattress!!

Lullaby Earth offers the best possible mattress for your baby, making both, moms/dads and baby happy!! Their revolutionary mattress offers your baby, a safe, chemical free, easy to change, allergen free, super lightweight crib mattress!! Lullaby Earth's crib mattress is composed primarily of food grade polyethylene with a waterproof design, making this mattress super safe and completely free of polyurethane foam, vinyl/PVC, PFC which is harmful to your baby!

I was super excited to review the Lullaby Earth Mattress, since it's both great for your baby and the environment! My daughter just turned three, so getting her in the crib is actually hard work, since she knows now how to climb out of it. I love that this mattress can grow with your child as they transition from the crib to a toddler bed. Another one of my favorite features is that its completely waterproof, even on the seams as most crib mattress have seamed edges. This is perfect for my growing toddler because right now she is potty training, although she has it down packed during the day, she still needs help at night, so this mattress is great for potty training toddlers!! I have noticed that my other mattresses seams are filled with dirt and grime, as bottles and diapers leaked throughout her days, so this mattress is way more sanitary in the long run!

Fits snug to the side of your baby's crib!

Fits snug to the corners of your baby's crib!

I have placed the Lullaby Earth Crib Mattress in my daughter's crib, and I love the snug fit of the mattress, it fits perfect! It is said that you are only suppose to fit two fingers between the mattress and crib, so this is great for the safety of your baby/child! Also speaking about the safety of your baby/child, your child's mattress should be extra firm! Yep, as much as that sounds uncomfortable to us, its actually very comfortable to your baby, it helps them shift positions easy and helps them breathe better. As for a soft mattress, they are more likely not to be able to shift positions and could possibly hurt their breathing!! Actually most pediatricians as well as the SIDS Alliance and the Consumer Product Safety Commission unanimously recommend a firm crib mattress as the safest option for your baby!! And Lullaby Earth's Mattress is perfect for that firmness!!

Overall,. I love the Lullaby Earth's Super Lightweight Crib Mattress, it has so many great features, that other competitor brands just don't offer. And would totally recommend this mattress for your baby or growing toddler!!

You can see the firmness difference!! 
Check out Lullaby Earth Super Lightweight Crib Mattress in this awesome video below!!

To learn more visit LullabyEarth.com, you can also connect with them on Facebook and Twitter!!

Buy It: You can purchase the Lullaby Earth Super Lightweight Crib Mattress for $159 on their website!!


Win It: Thanks to the awesome folks over at Lullaby Earth, one lucky reader will win the same exact Crib Mattress as I reviewed, a $159 Value!! How awesome is that??!! Thanks so much Lullaby Earth!!!


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Disclaimer- I received the mention products for review purposes and Lullaby Earth is sponsoring my giveaway, this did not alter my opinion of their products. All opinions expressed are mine and one hundred percent honest and true, your opinion may differ.*

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Jennifer Young said...

I love that it's made without any harmful chemicals or allergens!

Dree Getz said...

I like that it is safe.

Mandy Haynes said...

I love that it is recyclable!

sweetsue said...

I love that it is washable and easy to clean!
Susan Chester

Robyn said...

Of course I love how light it is, and also that it is chemical and allergen free!

AubreyLaine said...

I love that it is made w/o harmful chemicals!

Katie & Michal said...

I love that it is allergen free.

Christine Treece said...

I love that it's made without any harmful chemicals! My little one has very sensitive skin and we have to be very careful :)



Emily Reviews said...

I like how it fits really tight into the crib so that there arent any dangerous gaps

littleheathen9109 @ Yah00 d0t c0m

Jan Lee said...

It has no harmful chemicals or allergens

Christina G said...

I love that it's waterproof and easy to clean!

tina reynolds said...

i like the fact of being waterproof to help make cleaning ease.

Kristin said...

I love that its lightweight!
Lexijo213 at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

i luv dats is contains no harsh chemicals.

josh da man

Austin Baroudi said...

I like the fact that it's waterproof!

Anne N. said...

I like that it is allergen free.

jeff d said...

i like that its allergen free and that it wipes clean easliy

KatieO said...

I love that it's completely waterproof!

Alanna said...

I like that it is allergen free.