Monday, October 29, 2012

Movie Monday: Disney's The Great Mouse Detective Blu-ray Combo Pack

Disney's is proud to release it's first ever blu-ray of The GREAT MOUSE DETECTIVE! Now you and your family can unlock the clues and go on a great big adventure with one clever little hero!!

                       Big Hero's do come in small packages!! 

When the diabolical Professor Ratigan kidnaps London's master toymaker, the brilliant master of disguise Basil of Baker Street and his trusted sidekick Dawson try to elude the ultimate trap and foil the perfect crime. Do they end up getting the bad guy or will they end up as a cat treat? To find out, pick up a copy of Disney's The Great Mouse Detective!!

Disney's The Great Mouse Detective:
Studio: Walt Disney Home Entertainment
Language: English, Spanish and French 
Subtitles: English, Spanish and French
Rated: G
RunTime: 74 Minutes
*Special Features*
- Disc One - Blu-ray
*So You think You Can Sleuth
*The Making of The Great Mouse Detective
*The World's Greatest Criminal Mind - Sing-a-Long
- Disc Two - DVD
*Includes all Blu-Ray Bonus Features

Vincent Price as the voice of Professor Ratigan
Barrie Ingham as the voice of Basil of Baker Street
Val Bettin  as the voice of Dr. David O Dawson
Susanne Pollatschek  as the voice of Olivia Flaversham
Candy Candido as the voice of Fidget
Diana Chesney as the voice of Mrs. Judson
Eve Brenner as the voice of The Mouse Queen
Alan Young as the voice of Flaversham

Ron Clements
Burny Mattinson
David Michener
John Musker

Burny Mattinson

Peter Young
Vance Gerry
Steve Hulett
Bruce Morris
Matthew O'Callaghan
Melvin Shaw
Ron Clements
John Musker
Burny Mattinson
David Michener

Our Thoughts:
My girls and myself really enjoyed this Disney Movie, I remember watching The Great Mouse Detective as a child myself, but it has been so long, that when I watched it this time with my girls, I didn't remember any of it!! So, it was really nice sitting down with my girls and relaxing to a nice classic on our Family Movie Night. The storyline is very entertaining, it's like a Sherlock Holmes in mouse form! The picture and sound quality is really great and can't tell its an old cartoon from the 1980's!!

Overall, The Great Mouse Detective Blu-Ray Combo is a very charming and awesome movie, This would make a great stocking stuffer for you or a loved one and would be an excellent addition to anyones Disney Movie Collection as well!! It's also perfect for a great family time movie night, movie!!

                           Check out the Sneak Peek Below!! 

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Buy It: You can Purchase The Great Mouse Detective for a Suggested retail price of $29.99 US and $35.99 Canada at a retailer near you or online, at Disney's Dvd and Blu-ray Store!!

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*Disclaimer- I received this Blu-Ray DVD Combo for review purposes, this did not alter my opinion of their movie. All opinions expressed are mine and one hundred percent honest and true, Your opinion may differ.*