Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I drew 10 cards from the Pop Culture Deck, for a fun 5 extra entries, come up with a sentence using one word from each five sided card. You don't have to use them all. (But if you was playing, you would want to get the most points!)

Have some FUN :)

Sent - Sender - Sending - Send - Sends

Between - Both - After - Behind - Before

Regular - Fill Up - Hi Test - Unleashed - Mid Grade

Jessica Alba - Jessica Simpson - Katie Holmes - Angelina Jolie - Beyonce Knowles

L.A - Wall Street - New York - Vail - Hollywood

Jail - Jailed - Jailer - Jailing - Jails

Pirate - Pirates - Pirating - Pirated - Pirate Radio

George Bush - John Edwards - Dick Cheney - Barack Obama - Hillary Clinton

Dancing with the Stars - Survivor - Amazing Race - American Idol - The Apprentice

Junky - Junk - Junked - Junks - Junk Email

For an Extra 2 entries, Tweet your sentence, be sure to include @YBSentencedGame at the end!

Have Fun, Be Creative!! You think these are fun, there is a lot more sets to chose from, and ONE lucky winner will receive the entire collection on You've Been Sentenced!! 

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Heather! said...

Angelina Jolie unleashed the pirates on Dancing with the Stars after Barack Obama sent her junk email to her home in Hollywood.

Is that sort of how it works? I think I might need to practice this! :)

JENNi said...

Kinda like this: Wall Street Jessica Alba jailed after sending pirated junk email. lol

Melinda said...

LOL, not sure I'm doing it right...

Hollywood Dancing with the Stars jails both Katie Holmes Hillary Clinton sending unleashed pirated junk email.

corey1971 said...

I have a regular picture of both Jessica Simpson and Dick Chaney on Wall Street being sent to jail for pirating videos from Dancing with the Stars and sending it as junk mail! (Corey Olomon)

Anonymous said...

John Edwards sent dancing with the stars Jessica Simpson wilcarvic