Friday, November 16, 2012

Hi Followers, Readers and Friends!

I am back and in full effect. I will be continuing My Gift Guide starting Tomorrow. i do have a lot of reviews and Giveaways, I am currently behind in, but will be putting them up as soon as possible. 

I have had the roughest month in my life, and on top of trying to be there for my daddy after my grandmothers funeral, I ended up the in ER the very next day, I thought I was dying. I had my poor ole' daddy freaking out, so he rushed me to the ER and found out I had kidney stones. If you ever had them, you know its very very painful. I still have one that I will not be able to pass and they will eventually have to go in and get it. I also found out I had deformed Kidneys, another word used would be spongy Kidneys, so I will now have to live with kidney stones for the rest of my life. I guess it could be worse. 

I really wished it would have happened at a different time, because I was really hoping to be there for my daddy, not the other way around. But I am glad my dad was there for me, as my mom would not have been. I love my daddy and I will always be a daddy's little girl :) lol!!! 

Anyways, Stay tuned, as I will have lots of great reviews and Awesome Giveaways coming up in the days to come!!

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