Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Honeywell EnergySmart® 360 Surround Heater Review and Giveaway

Do you and your family fight about the heater on cold days?? I know me and my mom do!! She likes to be freezing and of course I like to be comfortable, so we are always fighting over the thermostat. So, I was on the search for a great personal heater to help stop fighting over the thermostat!! I have found that one special heater from Honeywell that not only saves energy but can either heat up your personal area or a whole room!!! Let me introduce you to the EnergySmart 360 Surround Ceramic Heaterl!!

The Honeywell EnergySmart 360 Surround Ceramic Heater is a versatile, energy efficient ceramic heater, that uses ceramic technology to provide comfortable, even heat for a whole room or personal warmth! This awesome heater provides energy savings, with EnergySmart!! EnergySmart Technology can save consumers money without sacrificing comfort!!! How awesome is that right??!! Check out all the other awesome features!!

Honeywell EnergySmart 360 Surround Heater:

• EnergySmart® Technology regulates power consumption to help save up to 35% on energy bills vs.
conventional heaters*
• Digital LEDs accurately indicate room temperature and desired temperature
• Energy Usage Indicator displays how much energy is being used during operation
• Programmable thermostat

~Safety Features~
• New SafetyTip™ - 360° tip over protection
• Overheat Protection Device
• Cool Touch Carrying Handle

~Additional Features~
• Ceramic Technology for quiet, even heating
• New 180° feature for directional heating
• 1-8 hour timer
• 3 year warranty

Designed with both 360° surround heat and 180° directional technology so consumers can “get heated” no
matter where they sit in the room; a terrific choice for those looking to stay warm and cozy during the
year’s coldest months.

I was super excited to be teaming up with Honeywell to review this awesome heater, and trust me this heater is wonderful!! It has so many awesome features, my favorite is the automatic shut off, when the heater is tipped, it will automatically shut the whole system off, perfect if you have small children and perfect from preventing house fires!! I also love that you can chose which temperature you would like to set it at and you can chose whether you want it for personal use (180) or to warm up the whole room (360).

The Honeywell EnergySmart Surround Heater is portable and very light weight, so I took it with me when I went out of town to my Fathers house, since his heater doesn't work from the flood, from Storm Debbie. He lives about 400 miles North of me, and let me tell you, it doesn't seem that far away, but in those few miles, you could surely feel the Temperature change!! So anyways, we was eager to test it out, and set it on the 360 degree surround heat at 75 degrees on EnergySmart, in about 15 minutes, we was warm and toasty, it filled up our whole living room (which is huge) within a matter of a few minutes!! We also tested out the Auto timer, since we both cant sleep when its hot, we put the auto timer on one hour, and like clock work, the heater shut off automatically! When we woke up the next day, neither of us wanted to get out of bed because it was so cold! (Just to clear this up: (LOL) my dad sleeps in the living room and when I came to visit, I made a pallet on the floor, in front of the TV for me and my girls, as I re-read what I had wrote it sounded like I was sleeping with my dad..I know I am silly, but wanted to make that clear anyways.)

Overall, I find this heater to extremely useful and keeps me at the right temperature to feel comfortable and warmed up an entire living room within minutes. I really enjoy sitting by this heater to stay cozy, and would totally recommend it to you, or your loved ones!! Just think, no more fighting over the heat!! Stay Cozy this winter with Honeywell's EnergySmart 360 Surround Heater!!

This heater would make an excellent Christmas Gift for the upcoming holiday!!!

To Learn more visit, you can also connect with them on Facebook and Twitter!!

BUY IT: You can purchase the Honeywell EnergySmart 360 Surround Ceramic Heater for $64.99 on!!


WIN IT: Thanks to the awesome folks over at Honeywell, One lucky reader will win the Honeywell EnergySmart 360 Surround Ceramic Heater, just like the one I received!! Now, that's HOT??!! Thanks a million Honeywell!!

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Disclaimer- I received the mention products for review purposes and Honeywell  is sponsoring my giveaway, this did not alter my opinion of their products. All opinions expressed are mine and one hundred percent honest and true, your opinion may differ.*

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Vicks V105SG Vaporizer with Nightlight

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Honeywell Gallon Cool Moisture Humidifier

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I like their Honeywell Pet CleanAir™ Air Purifier for Pet Owners

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I'd like the Honeywell Pet CleanAir™ Air Purifier for Pet Owners
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I like the Honeywell HY-013 Comfort Control™ Tower Fan

Jennifer Rote
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I would like Honeywell HT-908 Turbo Force Room Air Circulator.

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Honeywell HFD-010 QuietClean® Compact Tower - with a bunch of boys in the house, I could use one of these!

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