Friday, December 7, 2012

ISeeMe! Personalized Children's Coloring Book and Place Mat!

Looking for the perfect gift for your child or loved one, this Christmas Season?? A gift that will have an impact that will last a lifetime?? Search no more!!! Let me tell you about ISeeMe!!

ISeeMe! is an online company that specializes in personalized children's products and offers a huge selection of beautifully written and illustrated Personalized Story Books, Awesome written Personalized Story Coloring and Activity Books, Beautiful Personalized Place Mats and much much more!! From Fairies to Fantasy, and everything in between like Pirates, Holiday Cheer and ABC's! Each product is personalized to your child, making each product unique and super fun, all in one great product! And on top of that, each of their award winning books are aimed to increase a child's self esteem, by celebrating the uniqueness of each child in their very own story!

My girls are at the stage where they love to color, and when I mean color..I am talking about everywhere they are not suppose to color, say for example, my walls. So I was super excited to review ISeeMe!'s Personalized Coloring Books! As I searched their site, I seen they carry 3 different Coloring and Activity Books, since my girls love fairies, I chose the My Own Fairy Tale Coloring Book.

The My Own Fairy Tale Coloring and Activity Book is very enchanting. This is a perfect gift to show a child how absolutely unique and special she is, by transporting her into a magical garden where flower and berry fairies crown her as their fairy princess. Each beautiful fairy is eagerly awaiting to be illustrated, as they bring letters one by one to spell out your special little princess's first name, while describing character traits!!

For Girls ages 2-8
9" x 11" in size
20+ Fun Filled Pages. Each book will have a total of 20 pages, some will have more, depending on length of child's name.

I also searched their Personalized Place Mats and found they have a nice selection of about 14 different place mats. They have a little bit of everything, like Pirates, Carousels, Cars, Fairies, and even Christmas Place Mats!! I decided to go with the my Own Fairy Tale Place Mat to go with their Coloring Book.

The Personalized My Fairy Tale Place Mats are the perfect way to make meal and snack time super fun! These Place mats have been tested by an independent lab, has met CPSIA guidelines for food safety and are  BPA free!! Each Mat is made in the USA with high quality durable plastic that can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth. *Not to be used in a Dishwasher!*

For both Boys and Girls Age 0-10
12'' x 17'' in size

Overall, these products at ISeeMe! are wonderful! My girls have enjoyed eating at meal times with their very own Place Mats and have enjoyed coloring in their very own Story Coloring Book! I do plan on some how Laminating Each Coloring Page, so they can cherish their Coloring books for a long time, and when they are older, check out some of their awesome art work they did when they was younger!!

These would make an excellent Christmas Gift or Stocking Stuffer for your loved one this year!! So be sure to check out

Be Sure to Check Out Their 2012 Holiday Gift Guide!! Order By December 12th To Receive These Awesome Gifts In Time For the Holiday Season!!

To learn more visit, you can also connect with them on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with their sales and exclusive Facebook deals and promotions!! You can also connect with them on Pinterest.

BUY IT: You can purchase a Personalized Coloring and Activity Book for $9.95 and you can purchase a Personalized Place Mat for $11.95. Be sure to get your orders in my December 12th, to receive them by Christmas!!!

SUPER SAVER ALERT: When you buy 2 or more Place Mats or Personalized Coloring and Activity Books, you will be eligible for a DISCOUNT!! Yayyy, the more the merrier!! 

*Disclaimer- I received 2 Coloring Books and 2 Place Mats for review purposes, this did not alter my opinion of their products. All opinions expressed are mine and one hundred percent honest and true, your opinion may differ.*

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