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Disney-Pixar's Finding Nemo 3D

Get ready to Ride the Waves in Disney-Pixar's Finding Nemo 3D, Available now to own in Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray and DVD!!

SEA it like never before!! For the first time ever, through the magic of Blu-ray and Blu-ray 3D, fully immerse your self in the stunning underwater world of Disney-Pixar's Finding Nemo!! From the creators of toy Story and Monsters, Inc., this critically acclaimed and heartwarming tale splashes off the screen with brilliant digital picture, high definition sound and breathtaking interactive 3D bonus features that transport you beyond your imagination.

Marlin been through a lot, losing his whole family, except one and he vowed to protect his little son, Nemo, no matter what! Marlin is a great daddy, teaching young Nemo all the dangers of the ocean, and over protecting him due to his little lucky fin. So when Nemo started school, Marlin was super worried something would happen to him, when he realized they were going to the drop off, he panicked and quickly went to stop him. Upon getting to the Drop Off, he seen all Nemo's friends, swimming into the open ocean, and yelled at little Nemo not to swim out there. Doing this, it made it look like little Nemo was scared in front of his friends and wasn't capable of swimming out there, but to prove he wasn't, he decided to swim to the "Big Butt" (boat). After touching the boat, and proving he could do it and wasn't scared, little Nemo, started swimming back until something swam up behind him, it was a scuba diver. Startled and scared, he tried to swim away with his little fin, but the Scuba Diver thought he was struggling and decided to take him home. That's when Marlin decided to go on a mission to find Nemo!

Disney's Finding Nemo:
Studio: Disney and Pixar
Language: English, French and Spanish
Subtitles: English, French and Spanish
Rated: G
Run Time: 100 Minutes

5 Disc 3D Combo Pack

~Disc One: Blu-ray 3D Feature Film + Bonus~

~Disc Two: Blu-ray Feature Film + Bonus~
*Reinventing the Submarine Voyage
*Deleted Scenes
*A Lesson in Flashbacks
*Finding Nemo: A Filmmaker's Discussion
*Knick Knack Theatrical Short (Rated G)

~Disc Three: Blu-Ray Bonus~
*Art Review
*Outtakes and Deleted Scenes
*Much more!

~Disc Four: DVD Feature Film + Bonus~
*Finding Nemo: A Filmmaker's Discussion
*Knick Knack Theatrical Short

~Disc Five: Digital Copy of Feature Film~

Just Keep Swimming, Swimming, Swimming!! -Dory

Our Thoughts:
My family and I are huge fans of Disney Movies, I love to sit down and enjoy a great classic with my girls. Each new movie they see, I can see the love I had growing up, blossoming in their eyes, its such a great feeling!! I was very excited to review Finding Nemo with my girls, I can remember watching it when it first came out back in 2003 and loved it!! So I knew my girls would enjoy it as much as I did and I was right. They loved the pretty scenic view of the ocean and all the fun and silly characters, that Finding Nemo offered. My girls also loved the story line and the movie kept them very well entertained.

I recently got a Flat Screen from Santa, and it has opened a whole new world of movie watching entertainment, such as sharp, clearer images! When I watched Finding Nemo, it was flabbergasted by how awesome the graphics of this animation really was, and how sharp the picture is. I have been living under a rock, when it came to watching movies, I feel a flat screen TV does a lot of justice to Blu-ray movies!!

I did see a few bad reviews on Amazon, saying that the movie is to scary for a child, I want to object to those reviews, it's really on how you raise your children. For instance in my own opinion, if you teach your child about the world and how life revolves, then your children knows, bad things happen but it's life, but if you don't inform your child, keeping them in the dark about the crazy world in which we live, then yeah I can see the beginning of the movie scary. I teach my girls that they are very bad people in the world as well as good people, and that in the circle of life, there is death, and I explain that there is a Heaven, that even if you don't actually see a loved one anymore, you can always feel them around.

Overall, We really loved Finding Nemo along with the Bonus features it has to offer. Our favorite is the Aquarium feature, its like an aquarium built in your TV, nice and relaxing, it gives my girls a calming effect! I think Disney-Pixar's Find Nemo is an awesome Movie, and would be a great addition to any child's movie collection or Disney Collection!!

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BUY IT: You can purchase Finding Nemo on Blu-ray 3D for a retail price of $49.99 at a retailer near you!!

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Check out some of these fun activities below!! Click on the pictures to Learn about Sharks, play spot the difference with Nemo and Create an underwater ocean scene with felt!! 

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Disclaimer- I received the mention Blu-ray for review purposes, this did not alter my opinion of the movie. All opinions expressed are mine and one hundred percent honest and true, your opinion may differ.*

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