Tuesday, January 8, 2013

DIY: Tutu!! How to make a Tutu!!

I am throwing an awesome giveaway for eFavorMart.com, 3 winners will receive a $20 gift card to their site!! I also received a $20 gift card to host the giveaway, and decided to buy some of their awesome Tulle Fabric, and make a few Tutus for my girls and niece! Be sure to head over to my Giveaway and check it out ENDS 01/20!!!

                                      Do It Yourself Tutus
                                         You will Need:

Tulle Fabric (one, two or three depending on color Tutu you want)
Thread and Needle
Measuring Device in inches (optional)
Pant Hanger (optional) 

                                         Getting Started:

First, Cut the Tulle Fabric in the size you want your Tutu, remember you will be folding it in half, so if you wanted a 4 inch tutu, you will need to cut about 8.5 inches. I started out by cutting 42 pieces of each color I wanted. (Orange and Blue). I really found the Tulle 6" x 25 yards eFavorMart.com to be the perfect size and length. You can use one or two pieces per strand, one strand makes a thinner looking tutu, and to makes it look more fuller. I will be using two pieces per strand in my instructions.

Second, I took some elastic, wrapped it around my girls and made sure to cut it about half an inch more, so I could sew it together when I finished. I Purchased 1/2 inch elastic from Walmart for $1.44 and I chose the 1/2 so I could fold it over for extra support. You could double up 1/4 if you like, or use one strand of elastic, how ever you feel comfortable or how strong you think your elastic is, the stronger the better if your making it for a young child.

Third, I found an old hanger that held pants at one time. I found this to be very helpful when placing the fabric on your elastic, since it doesn't move to much. This is optional, but does come in handy.

                                        Tutu Instructions:

Step One: Take one to two pre-cut Tulle Fabric Pieces, and make them thin, by running your fingers down the length of the Tulle Fabric, this makes it easy to loop and pull.

Step Two:  Fold the Tulle Fabric in half, make sure the ends all match up, to give your tutu an even look.

Step Three: Place the Folded Tulle Fabric under your elastic.

Step Four (sorry it's Blurry): Fold over the top part of the Tulle Fabric.

Step Five: Take the two pieces from underneath and pull through the loop.

 Step Six: Make sure ends match up again, for your tutu to be even.

Step Seven: Pull tight. If your doubling your elastic over, I found that taking each side of the elastic around the Tulle Fabric and pulling it, made the elastic remain straight.

Step Eight: After tightening it and fixing the elastic slide down the fabric and start the process again. Step one through eight. I changed the color after the third Tulle Strand.

After filling your entire elastic strand with your Tulle Fabric is should look a lot like this:

Next take your needle and thread and sew both ends closed. I am no expert of sewing, but did the best I can (lol). I went down the entire half inch of remaining fabric and looped it securing it, I also triple knotted the end, to make sure it will not come undone from wearing the tutu.

After Sewing the end closed, take the Tulle Fabric and move it around to cover the ends or add another three strands of color, to cover it up. But make sure it doesn't clash with the first color you used.

Your finished Tutu will look like the picture Above, and be fluffy like the picture below (if two strands of Tulle Fabric is used in each tutu strand.

This was my Very First Tutu, and took me about an hour to complete, I found the second one went a lot faster, maybe because I wasn't taking pictures lol.. This is also my very first DIY post, so If you need any more info or have questions, please feel free to leave me a comment and I will answer them in the comment section :) 

Again, don't forget to enter my Giveaway To win a $20 Gift Card to eFavorMart and make a Tutu too!! :)

*Disclaimer- I received a $20 gift Card to eFavorMart for hosting a giveaway, I decided to share this post with my readers on how I used my $20 gift card and wasn't compensated for this DIY post.

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