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You've Been Sentenced! Review and Giveaway Over $100 Value!!!!

Starting the new year can be great, its a fresh new way to start setting new goals, making new friendships, and best of all, starting a new family tradition!! And what I mean by starting a new family tradition is to start a family game night every week. This is a great way to keep communication with family members alive in your home and helps keep your home stress free. Besides all that, it's super fun!!! I found the perfect game to help kick start your game collection this year, let me introduce you to "You've Been Sentenced!" by McNeill Designs!!

You've Been Sentenced!, is a seriously hilarious Award-winning game, that will give you a LAUGH OUT LOUD good time! It comes in two different Main Sets, You've Been Sentenced! and You've Been Sentenced! Country Music Edition, along with 6 awesome Add on Packs that can be added to bring new words for a more exciting and challenging game!

Each You've Been Sentenced! Game includes, 540 - 5 sided card word deck, a score sheet, sand timer, pencil and rules sheet. It is great for 3 to 10 players and for ages 8 and up. Each game lasts about 30 to 45 minutes. The Add on Decks, includes 80 - 5 sided new word cards, that consist of the title of the Add on Pack, for example, The Gourmet Cuisine Add on Deck contains Famous Chefs, Food icons, ingredients and other title related words.

I was very excited to try out You've Been Sentenced!. I have always loved games growing up, you could always find my sister and me in the kitchen playing a board or card game. I think the more my sister and I got older, the more competitive we got, so playing games with her is a lot of fun and very interesting!! On Christmas Eve, we decided to make an adult family night and play You've Been Sentenced! We started by reading the directions, which was very easy to understand and also came with other fun ways to play. Then we shuffled all the cards and placed them back into the deck holder. That's when the Fun began!!! We all drew 10, 5 sided cards and placed then upside down in front of us, then we turned them up and started to make a sentence (Building a Clear Case). The first person who finished got to flip the timer on the rest, making it a challenge to come up with a legit sentence before the time runs out. (who ever flipped the timer is not allowed to alter their sentence). Court is in session once the timer runs out, this is when we read our sentences out load to be judged by the Jury (other players), if it is grammatically correct the player gets his or her points, how ever if it doesn't make sense, another player may issue an 'Objection". Then the player will be able to defend their sentence, and explain how it makes sense, this is the Sentence Justification stage. Just like a real Jury, votes are counted and the verdict will be either an "Overruled" meaning the won and will get their points, or "Sustained" meaning the player was defeated by the jury and will not be award points. Play then proceeds to the next player.

Sentences may be as short as two words or as long as all 10 cards. Points are based on the words used in a sentence, and wild cards or worth 0 points, there is also bonus points awarded for a single player and can receive up to a 20 point bonus, 10 for the first person to flip the timer, and an extra 10 points of you use all 10 cards in a sentence!

Overall, this is an AWESOME game and I LOVED it!! We had so much FUN, and gave us some great laughs! The best part was calling out my sister to the jury even though her sentences made sense, I just loved hearing how she had to justify the meaning, not all laughs though, after a while she started to do it back to me lol!! We ended up playing for hours and hours, laughing and having a great time, we did play both You've Been Sentenced! and You've Been Sentenced! Country Music Edition, each fun and challenging!! I loved how each set of cards, had the same color face as the rest in that series, making mixing the cards fun, and easy to separate after game play. One day soon, we are going mix up all the cards from all the games and add on decks for a super all night long game night!!!

This game can also be educational and broad your vocabulary!! I would totally recommend this LOL Fun game!! P.S. The shipping box is super funny, I am not going to give it away, so you will just have to either win it or buy it :)!!!

Want to Play a Hand With Me?
I drew up 10 cards from the Pop Culture Add on Deck Pack and listed them on this For Fun Post, come up with a sentence using some or all the cards and earn an extra entry into the giveaway!!

To learn more visit, you can also connect with them on Facebook, Twitter and their Blog!

WIN IT: Thanks to the awesome folks over at McNeill Designs, one lucky winner will receive the You've Been Sentenced! Prize Pack, that will contain: The You've Been Sentenced!, You've Been Sentenced! Country Music Edition, Brain Buster Add on Pack, Pop Culture Add on Pack, Gourmet Cuisine Add on Pack, NASA Space Terminology Add on Pack, Sports Highlights Add on Pack and the Science and Fantasy Add on Pack!! Over $100 Value!!! Thanks a million McNeill Designs!!

BUY IT: You can purchase the game and add on packs from McNeill Designs website!!
You've Been Sentenced! for $24.95
You've Been Sentenced! Country Music Edition: for $29.95
And additional Add on Packs for $7.95 each!

To enter, simply fill out some or all of the Rafflecopter form below. Remember, you have a better chance at winning, by doing most of the entries and coming back daily for the daily entries!! GOOD LUCK!!


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debijackson said...

the PLA Conference gets underway, and You’ve been Sentenced! is there! The PLA Conference is the premier professional development event for public librarians, public library workers, trustees, Friends, library vendors, and others with an interest in public libraries.

debbie jackson
djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

Heather! said...

I learned that they offer several different editions of the game, and that teachers like it because it helps promote the acquisition of grammar skills and storytelling. Cool!

I also left a comment on the McNeil Designs blog.

h4schaffer at gmail dot com

Nikkie Cossairt said...

I learned that You’ve Been Sentenced is for kids 8 and up, but with some help, even your new reader can play it. Each player gets 10 cards. You take your ten cards and make a sentence that makes sense.

Alex Liz R. said...

I learned that it has won many awards and they donate to not for profit organizarion that encourages reading for children!

puffpastryshop said...

I learned they support the Salvation Army.

Sara Mcconville said...

I learned that there is alot of learning in the game

janet..jay said...

Cool game!

tina reynolds said...

this is an awesome game that you can get many different add on packs for a variety of subjects for

jules said...

I like that you learn something while playing this game. and it would help kids with using their brains to make sentences.

Aimee Jongejan said...

I like that it is both fun and educational. I think its a great way to teach grammar to my kids.

Daraya said...

The Country Music Edition sounds super fun!

Amber Hill said...

I love that it makes you think abstractly to come up with sentences out of nothing. This game looks like a lot of fun!

kim burnett said...

learned that it has won many awards

JohnZ said...

I learned the game was first released in 2005.

Sam Stamp said...

I learned there are add on packs & A Country Music Edition! Also it sounds like an awesome game!

C.R. said...

it has won many awards

Christine Jessamine said...

i like the student wall of fame

Melinda said...

Sounds like a fun game that won't feel like homework with my daughter! I love that its easy to learn and play!

corey1971 said...

I learned that it won the 2013 Family Review Center Seal of Approval. (Corey Olomon)

Tiaragwin said...

I learned that they offer several different editions of the game, and that teachers like it because it helps promote the acquisition of grammar skills and storytelling.

Sue Hull said...

I learned that there's different editions of the game.I'd like to have the country music one.I know I'd be good at it and it sounds like a lot of fun.Thank you for the awesome giveaway! :)

Anonymous said...

You’ve been Sentenced! word game receives 2013 Family Review Center Seal of Approval wilcarvic