Monday, April 22, 2013

Peach Suite

Everyday more and more people look for business opportunities, to make money. Some of the great investments are hotels, believe it or not! I know a few of my friends actually own hotels, and they make decent money. To be honest, I wouldn't even know where to buy Hotel Supplies Online, until I came across Peach Suite!

Peach Suite is an Atlanta Hotel Supply that offers an array of products from Janitorial supplies, Catering Supplies, Kitchen Supplies to even Hotel Bar Supplies! Peach Suite is a family owned and operated business, since 1981 and strive to bring customers more products and more services, with more value and more options.

Don't get me wrong, at Peach Suite, you can buy products for other businesses as well, say for instance your into catering, they have a huge selection of Catering Products that surely can get you going in the right direction. Or if you want to build up offices, they can help you with that too, with their huge selection of Office supplies.

Ive actually found a few products I could use in my home at great prices, like some of their Rubbermaid Storage boxes, and beautiful Glasses and Dishware. Just take a look around their site and see for your self, you never know you may find something you love!!

To learn more visit PeachSuite.Com, you can also connect with them on Facebook and Twitter!

*Disclaimer- This is a sponsored post. All opinions expressed are mine and one hundred percent honest, your opinion may differ.*


VickeC said...

very nice place to order supplies,I too know a few hotel owners,I will pass this along

Sandy VanHoey said...

I don't know anyone with a Hotel business but I do know a few in janitorial so they could check this place out for supplies

Anonymous said...

Based on my experience in the restaurant business, their prices seem a little high and their selection is spotty— just click through some of their product lines and see how many have zero items.

Look at some of the listings: Table bases, without specifying the size of the base or what table it would support. Tablecloths vary in price by a factor of ten, but are supposed to be by the piece. If it's a typo, how can they survive? If it's not a typo, what's up with that?

Does anyone actually have experience buying from them?

Sherrie Cruson said...

This would be great for someone looking to get into the hotel business.

As for me, I wouldn't mind getting one or two of their Grosfillex Marina Adjustable Sling Chaise Lounge Espresso Sling On Bronze Mist Frame for outdoors.

Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

I ordered from them on 5/29/14 and still have yet to receive any product on 6/19/14. Every time I call i get the same story your order will be in our warehouse tomorrow you'll get a tracking number the next day. they've said that for three weeks. I don't think I'm getting my product anytime soon if ever! BOO to this company!