Monday, May 6, 2013

Cottonelle Clean Care Bathroom Routine Sample and Share #Crowdtap #CottonelleCleanCrew

*Please note I will be talking about Bathroom routines, it may not be suitable for some, but hey...everyone does it, its a natural part of life. Sorry if it offends some.*

Most people have a regular bathroom routine, and some use the same toilet paper all the time. To be honest this described me, to a T. I grew up using Scott toilet paper and never thought twice bout changing my bathroom routine, until now!!

Being a CrowdTap Member, I was chosen to Host a Cottonelle Clean Crew Sample and Share, to see how my friends and I could compare our current routine to the Cottonelle Routine. I was very excited in trying something new and having my friends try it with me. Our  party pack included 2 Four packs of Cottonelle Toilet Paper, 3 tubs of Cottonelle Wipes, and a 18 roll package of Cottonelle toilet paper for me (the Host).

I have to admit, I loved both Cottonelle Toilet paper and I love the Cottonelle wipes, The wipes being my favorite, because they smell so good, kind of like a floral scent, so I already knew it would leave me feeling fresh and clean!! On top of that each Cottonelle Wipe container has different, cute designs and comes in a couple different colors, so finding one that matches your bathroom could be possible!!

Before I share with you, my friends reactions, along with mine. I want to share a little more bout each product.

Cottonelle Clean Care Toilet Paper:
Cottonelle Clean Care Toilet Paper is 30% stronger wet strength and has extra-absorbent ripples. Cottonelle Toilet Paper is available in three varieties: Cottonelle Clean Care Toilet Paper, Cottonelle Ultra Comfort Care Toilet Paper and Cottonelle Gentle Care Toilet Paper.

  • 30% stronger
  • Sewer- and septic-safe
  • Fits standard holders

  • Cottonelle Fresh Care Flushable Moist Wipes:
    Don’t just wipe … wash with Cottonelle Fresh Care Flushable Moist Wipes, and experience a more confident clean. Cottonelle Wipes comes in two different varieties: Fresh Care and Gentle Care

  • Flushable
  • Break up after flushing
  • Sewer- and septic-safe
  • Alcohol-free
  • OneTouch dispensing tub
  • Great for the entire family
  • *Taken From Cottonelle Website*

    My Experience With Cottonelle Toilet Paper:
    When I opened the 18 pack of toilet paper, I noticed it was very soft and had extra ripples for extra absorbent. As I had told you before, I was a hard core Scott user, so I was thinking I needed that much Cottonelle to wipe with, well I ended up clogging my toilet, but that is because I used way to much. I noticed with Cottonelle you didn't need as much, because a little bit goes a LONG way, which actually makes it last longer. (SO THAT'S A GREAT THING LOL) And did you know Cottonelle is 30% stronger than other brands?? After getting use to the amount I actually needed and the softness of the toilet paper, I am now converted to using only Cottonelle Toilet paper and Wipes in my bathroom Routine!!

    My Sisters Experience With Cottonelle Toilet Paper:
    My sister couldn't believe how soft and absorbent the Cottonelle toilet paper is and how long it actually lasted her. She said she still has three rolls left and is amazed at the quality and strength of Cottonelle. She is very satisfied and also said she will be changing her bathroom routine to the Cottonelle Bathroom Routine.

     My Homeboys Experience With Cottonelle Toilet Paper:
    Being a guy, you only need to use toilet paper when, well you know lol...He had told me, he actually loved the softness of Cottonelle when wiping. It wasn't harsh nor did it take a lot to get clean. He told me compared to his current toilet paper, he preferred Cottonelle and will be switching over and using it for now on.

    My Experience with Cottonelle Wipes:
    I really loved their Cottonelle wipes!! I love that they are Flushable and leaves you with a clean, fresh feeling. I really love using them when mother nature visits me, it leaves a fresh clean feeling that toilet cant give me. I also love using when I do the doo. Depending on what you eat, your poo changes, sometimes its easy to wipe and only takes a few wipes and its clean, but some, it feels like you can never ever get it all, you wipe and wipe and wipe. The Cottonelle wipes really help when you have those messy poos, the wet moisture from the wipes actually helps get you much cleaner, and gives you a fresher feel. I know this is a sensitive subject for some, but hey, it happens, its natural, and if this helps someone that feels like me, I would totally recommend you try Cottonelle wipes!!

    My Girls Experience with Cottonelle Wipes:
    My girls are at the stage where they are starting to learn how to wipe, without mommy's help, since they will starting school soon. So I gave them one of the samples of Cottonelle Wipes to try, for when they do the doo. I found that the wipes really work well in helping them learn to wipe better and to do it on their own. They love the fresh sent of the wipes and they love being able t do it their self. I will continue to use Cottonelle in their bathroom ritual, since they love it so much, plus they are able to flush the wipes when they are done, and that's a big relief on me!!

    Overall, if you are willing to try a different bathroom routine, I would definitely recommend Cottonelle!! The toilet paper is super soft and absorbent and the wipes, they smell great, they are flushable and leave you feeling fresh, specially on those days mother nature comes to give you her monthly surprised gift LOL!!

    To learn more, visit, you can also connect with them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!!!

    *Disclaimer- I received the mention products for review and to share with my friends, from Crowdtap and Cottonelle Clean Crew. This did not alter my opinions of their products, all opinions expressed are mine or a family/friend and are honest and true, your opinion may differ.*


    Sandy VanHoey said...

    We have these in the bathrooms for my grandson to use. I will always help him since kids tend to miss areas at his age but we like the wipes.

    jamie braun said...

    we've used Cottonelle in the past, but not in a while. sounds like its time to give it another try