Friday, June 28, 2013

Show Your Wildside with Colored Hair Extensions from My Luxury 1st!

I love dressing up and doing my make up and hair, but sometimes I just want a change. I have been very fascinated with the new trend of Colored Hair, but to be honest, I was scared to actually dye my hair to give it the colored look. Until I came across My Luxury 1st!!

My Luxury 1st is an online store that specializes in 100% Human Hair Extensions!!  They have Clip-ins , Remy Loops, Remy Tape Ins, U Tip and I Tip hair pieces, all at great prices!! Her extensions are truly the finest quality hair you can find online!! My Luxury 1st hair pieces are made for women with Curly, Silky, Straight or relaxed textures and no mater what the nationality!!

I recently teamed up with My Luxury 1st, to try out their 100% Real Human Hair Color Clip-in Extensions. I have to admit, I was super stoked, just the thought of having colorful hair that I could put in and take out anytime was awesome!! For my review, I chose to go with my all time favorite color, purple!! I was sent two purple human hair clip ins, and the arrival time was exceptional!!

As soon as they arrived, I was excited, almost like a little girl wearing her moms heels!! I immediately had to try them on!! One problem occurred!! I never had clip ins before, so I was scared I was going to do it all wrong. NOPE!! Actually, they are very easy to apply!! I had them in literally within seconds!!! I was amazed how easy my appearance changed from dull to fabulous with in seconds, with out the mess of chemicals or dyes!! The best part, I can easily remove them if I needed too. (Say for an interview or something...well actually, I would wear them to an interview to be honest LOL)

I used my 4 year old below to show you how easy this process is!!! (The only hard part is trying to take photos of your own hair LOL)

First, You simply part the hair where you would like the Strand, I would make sure you have a little bit of hair to be able to cover the clip!

Second, you open the clip and clip it close to the root of your hair (Like the picture below)

Third, Just place the hair you had above the part and lay it back down and Whoola, you have an awesome streak of color!!

I really love the fact that its human hair and you can curl it or straighten it with a hot iron!!! Not to mention you can also wash it!!! My Luxury 1st has special shampoo, conditioner, Tools, Fusion Irons, Tape and other accessories!! Be sure to also check out all her other styles of hair extensions too!!

Overall, I was really impressed with the quality of these hair extensions!! I love that I could mix and match with other colors she carries to give a unique one of a kind look! And not to mention totally removable!!!! I would totally recommend My Luxury 1st Hair Products to you or your loved one!!!

To learn more visit, you can also connect with them on Facebook, Twitter and her Blog!!

Be sure to check out her other shops on Amazon and Ebay!!!

BUY IT: You can purchase a single Clip-in for $7.00 each or get 6 Clip-ins at a discount price of $34.99!!!

*Disclaimer- I received a free sample to affiliate this review, this did not alter my opinions of this product. All opinions expressed are mine and one hundred percent honest and true, your opinion may differ.*


dvhairpieces said...
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Brandi Dawn said...

Super cute! I love how easy it is...way different than our days of dying with koolaid, haha!

Courtney B said...

looks so pretty on you! and i love the shadow!3

Julie Wood said...

Wow these extensions are really nice, and look great on you! Your eye makeup with these extensions really is striking! I have never used extensions, but I am considering it after seeing these!

Shay said...

That looks really good on you and I love the color. I also like that it clips right in and the price is reasonable also for real hair extensions.


Mer said...

Love the hair and the makeup! This does sound like a super easy way to add a pop of color, and I love that you can style it.

randy fulgham said...